The Hero Alliance

Titans & X-Men
Two of the most recognizable teams in the history of comics join forces in 1982’s The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans

The Squadron Supreme is proud to announce the Hero Alliance.

The Hero Alliance is a loose coalition of superteams, whose members share information, resources and experience regardless of the team they belong to. At present, supergroups such as the Ultimate Justice Avengers and F.A.S.T. number as member-teams.

The Hero Alliance is also open to players who, for one reason or another, do not want their character(s) in a supergroup but want to bring a social dimension to their gameplay.

The Hero Alliance aims to help its members meet new people, exchange ideas ideas and enjoy themselves. All superteams are cordially-invited to join this bold, new initiative. The Leader and a Deputy Leader of each superteam will be the spokespeople for their team; their voice in the Alliance. However, everyone is treated equally in the Alliance regardless of their standing in their own supergroups.

Members of the Hero Alliance are free to associate with other players regardless of their superteam affiliation. All members are required to adhere to the following simple code of conduct:

  • Elitism in no way, shape or form is permissible;
  • Abusive or intolerant behavior of any kind towards others is intolerable;
  • Foul, derogatory or sexually-explicit language must not be used as youngsters may be present;
  • Understanding of and patience with inexperienced members is mandatory.

Any deviation from this conduct should be reported immediately to the Head of the Alliance by in-game mail with a transcript of the infraction where possible.

If this sounds like something you or your superteam would like to become a part of, contact @apfarmakis by message or in-game mail to arrange to discuss your participation.