Out of Time – Prologue

Logo2The incidents which culminated in The Battle of Independence Day cost the Squadron dearly.

Although the Shroud had been freed from the clutches of Na’amah and the succubus’ plan to open a portal from which the Night Whisperers could invade our dimension had been foiled, many heroes and heroines had fallen. Blaming herself for the deaths in the Squadron’s ranks, Arcana not only stepped down as interim leader but also quit the superteam she had helped form.

After several weeks of recuperation, the Shroud once again assumed leadership of the Squadron Supreme and named the Roin’esh warrior Ink as the Deputy Leader, a move that was looked on with disfavor from both PRIMUS and UNTIL. The repairs to Squadron Headquarters, which had sustained extensive damage at the hands of Na’amah’s minions, were nearing completion. Improved security protocols and offensive counter-measures were being incorporated into the facility under the watchful eye of the artificial life-form AIDA, who the Shroud had personally repaired after almost being destroyed in defence of the installation. During this time, many of the members who had been injured during the adventure code-named “Something Sinister This Way Comes” returned to active duty yet several chose to leave the team and return to civilian life, never to fight the good fight again.

For the members of the Squadron Sinister, the weeks since Independence Day had been nightmarish. Despite the vocal contention of the Shroud that the members of Sinister had merely been pawns of Na’amah, UNTIL had incarcerated nearly the entire roster without due process of law in the metahuman, maximum security facility called Stronghold Penitentiary. The renegade telepath/telekinetic Tetrahertz Red Marvel, who was still wanted for questioning in the First National Bank incident, had managed to elude capture and was still at large.

Now, a seemingly quiet October evening in Millennium City will turn out to be a night no one will ever forget.