Three Bodies Discovered in Westside

MCPD discover the remains of three women “trussed up like Christmas turkeys”


by Charles McNider | Millennium City Gazette

The Medical Examiner removes the body of one of the women discovered at the scene

The bodies of three women were discovered in an abandoned garage on Orando St. south of Levitz Lane in Westside late last night.

The remains of the three were found at 11:23 p.m. by MCPD officers responding to a 911 call from a man wishing to remain anonymous who claimed that he had seen some “strange goings-on” at the garage.

Officers discovered the bodies of three women dressed in what a source in the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office claimed was “typical of robes worn by practitioners of ceremonial magic”. The bodies had been wrapped in plastic sheeting and left side-by-side on the floor of the garage, indicating that the women had died elsewhere and their bodies had been taken there at a later time. The bodies displayed no visible signs of physical or sexual assault.

One of the women has been identified as Julie Ambercrombie, 29, the owner of Dark Shadows occult bookshop in downtown Millennium City and well-known member of the Wiccan community. The second woman, Galina Belova, 33, of Chicago, Il was believed to be a member of the devil-worshiping cult called DEMON but this has not been corroborated. The identity of the third woman, an African-American female in her early to mid twenties, has yet to be established.

A source in the MCPD revealed that officers canvassing the area were unsuccessful in turning up any leads as to the person or persons responsible for depositing the bodies in the garage.

Autopsies are scheduled for 8 a.m. this morning to determine cause of death.

Early Christianity comes to life at the Natural History Museum

New exhibit highlights the origins of Christianity


The Secrets of Antioch

31 October – December 30 2016

antiochFounded in 300BC by a former general of Alexander the Great, Antioch was one of the ancient world’s greatest urban centers. The capital of the Seleucid Kingdom until 64AD, it was later one of the Roman Empire’s principle outposts and the place where St Paul essentially founded modern Christianity. At its height, the city was home to half a million people – making it larger than modern-day Atlanta or Miami. Although the location of Antioch was no secret – it was situated just outside Antakya in modern Turkey – little hope was held for every being able to study it.

Located near the mouth of the Orontes River, Antioch was gradually reclaimed by the river and eventually entombed beneath a thick layer of mud. The Imperial Palace and Constantine’s Great Church were thought to be lost forever until an expedition of underwater archaeologists led by the curator of Millennium City’s Natural History Museum, Professor Henry Jones, recently rediscovered them.

The exceptional archaeological discoveries, only made possible through the use of technologies on loan from Harmon Industries, will form the heart of The Secrets of Antioch, a forthcoming exhibit at the Millennium City Museum of Natural History.

Spear of DestinyThe finds from these excavations will be on display for the first time anywhere alongside major objects rarely seen in the US from the early Christian period. The artifact that has attracted the most attention from archaeologists and biblical scholars from around the world is the Spear of Destiny.

The Spear of Destiny, also known as the Holy Lance, the Holy Spear or the Lance of Longinus, is the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross, according to the Gospel of John. Although several churches across the world claimed to possess the genuine Spear of Destiny, the artifact retrieved by Professor Jones and his team has positively been identified by three teams of independent researchers as being the true Spear of Destiny.

The Secrets of Antioch will open to the public on 31 October.

Stop Metahuman Tyranny!

Only You Can Put An End To Metahuman Abuse!

The Defenders of Humanity

dohThere is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.

Eldridge Cleaver


These words are truer today than they have ever been. Every single day around our great nation, our property, our livelihood and even the very lives of our loved ones hang in the balance as uncontrolled gangs of metahumans wage war among themselves.

Just last summer, while many of us were enjoying Independence Day celebrations, members of the Squadron Supreme were destroying the Millennium City Mall, causing millions of dollars in damage and putting Americans just like you out of work.

Aren’t you tired of living in fear?

The time has come for us to put a stop to the freaks that threaten our way of life. Join the Defenders of Humanity now and together we can make our communities safe for decent, normal people. People just like you.

To find the nearest chapter, visit us at

Bank Heist Turns Bloodbath

Bank manager and super-hero dead at the scene

by Rex Tyler | Millennium City Gazette

First National Bank
Millennium City First National days before the attempted robbery

MILLENNIUM CITY – MCPD responded to a bank robbery at Millennium City First National Bank, located at 133 Adams Ave., (corner of Adams and O’Neil) this afternoon at around 2:30 p.m.

Officer Sean O’Hara, the first on the scene, reported the 12-23 – potential hostage situation with metahuman involvement – to his superiors.

The MCPD cordoned off the area and were awaiting PRIMUS reinforcements when a metahuman conflict occurred inside the bank between the super-powered perpetrators tentatively identified as Red Marvel and Asp and at least two members of the Squadron Supreme.

“I saw this bright flash of purple light and a sound like thunder. It was like a storm was raging inside. I heard some shouting and then nothing for the longest time.” recalled one eyewitness.

“I was just about to give the order to storm the bank when the roof just exploded,” said twenty year veteran Captain Paul Desmond.

Bank Vault
The two-tonne door to the bank vault had been ripped out of the wall

When the police entered, the customers of the bank and most of its staff were coming around.

With two exceptions.

Bank manager and mother of three Katherine (Katie) Jensen, 38, of Westside was found dead from massive blunt force trauma according to EMTs on the scene.

“I was so scared I couldn’t move,” admitted bank teller Mary Andreou, 26. “I was hiding behind a desk near Katie’s. I was looking right at her when she suddenly flew into the air. Then, the screaming started. Next thing I remember was getting so drowsy that I fell asleep.”

Police remove body
Police remove the body of Benedict Sage from the crime scene

The police also found the body of a man later identified as Benedict Sage, 30, of Vibora Bay, Louisiana. Sage was a member of the controversial superteam the Squadron Supreme. Despite massive facial contusions and burns consistent with the use of corrosive agents evident on his clothing, the cause of death was uncertain. An autopsy is planned for tomorrow morning.

The Squadron Supreme could not be reached for comment.

Cat Calls: Arcana’s Fashion Faux Pas

The resident spell-caster of the Squadron Supreme takes bold new fashion direction

by Cat Grey | Millennium City Mirror

Darkana Photo
Black leather is timeless but the makeup and hair is a complete fail.

Arcana’s the darling of the superhuman set: A gorgeous figure, luxurious hair and a complexion like polished marble.

Sure, she talks kind of funny (personally, I think it’s because of her acting background) but she’s always been ultra-stylish in her public appearances. Her outfit may not leave much to the imagination but with her looks who needs imagination?

So why’s she sporting a decidedly different look?

The stunning sorceress was recently spotted in Vibora Bay and the Millennium City Mirror was able to get an exclusive photo.

Her signature short, white halter and high-heeled boots have been replaced by a sleek, black leather leotard with matching boots. She’s also added a red cape to top off the look I have to call Darkana.

With her looks, she could get away with wearing a potato sack. Almost.

The hair. The makeup. The accessories. They’ve all got to go, sweetie. Your 60s go-go dancer look is retro but it works. Your new Goth vampire look should have stayed buried in the pages of Twilight.


The Shroud Leaves Supremes, Founds Sinister!

Squadron on the rocks

by Simon Williams | Toronto Daily Bugle

Monster Island.jpg
A lush, tropical island in the South Pacific populated by Manimals and dinosaurs, Monster Island is definitely NOT for tourists

MILLENNIUM CITY – In news that has rocked the heroic community, homegrown hero and leader of the Squadron Supreme, the Shroud, has not only left the group she helped found but has formed the Squadron Sinister, a group this reported can at best call morally-ambivalent.

Reports coming from sources close to the Squadron claim that the break came after a strike force consisting of the Shroud, Ironsight and Benedict Sage turned back an attempt by VIPER to cement their position on Monster Island. Ironclad of the Champions was on site during the offensive but was unavailable for comment.

It has been suggested that the Shroud and VIPER strongman Ripper, who have fought repeatedly since the hero burst onto the scene a few years ago, have some sort of connection. However, the heroine has declined to comment other than this enigmatic quote after her first battle against him: “Scum like Ripper only exist to bring heartache and shatter families. They are a stain and I’m the cleaner.”

Former Deputy Leader Arcana has taken over leadership of the Squadron Supreme. In her first official press conference, the stunning sorceress declined to comment on the departure of the Shroud but promised that the Squadron will continue to meet any threat to the safety and security of the Earth.

Sources inside UNTIL are skeptical about the magician’s suitability to lead such a diverse fighting force as the Squadron Supreme.