Contests BalloonThe Squadron hosts a contest each and every month. Take part and win big! The contest for this month is:

Training Day

Do you remember Batman’s first night on the job? How about Spider-Man’s? You would if they were a card-carrying member of the Squadron. Here’s YOUR chance to recount YOUR hero or heroine’s first foray into fighting crime.

Write a short story entitled “Training Day” (between 1,000-1,500 words) that narrates the first day your character hit the streets (or spaceways) to battle evil.

Contest ends October 31 at 11:59 Server Time. Submit entries to the Squadron Leader and attach any images you feel help tell your story (maximum 2).

Events Balloon.pngFighting crime is so stressful! Sometimes, you’ve just got to take off the spandex and chill with friends. No one understands this better than the Squadron! Kick back with us during our:

The Minefield Mixer, Vibora Bay – October 13, 9 PM Server Time

Never role-played before? An old hand at RPing? Not into RP at all but looking to make new friends? Stop by The Minefield after your patrol of Vibora Bay for a walk on the wild side.

We promise not to bite. We can’t say the same for the other patrons.

Character Spotlight – October 20, 9 PM Server Time

Haven’t written a bio for your newest character? Haven’t updated your bio since leaving Ravenswood Academy?

Now’s the time!

Come to the Conference Room in Champions Headquarters and we’ll help you create an epic bio.

Club Caprice Mixer, Millennium City – October 27, 9 PM Server Time

Never role-played before? An old hand at RPing? Not into RP at all but looking to make new friends? Stop by Club Caprice after your patrol of Millennium City and dance the night away.

Drinks are on us, tiger.

Halloween Party – October 31, 9 PM Server Time

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins walk the streets on All Hallows’ Eve and we wouldn’t want it any other way! And what better way to celebrate Halloween than a costume party? Don your favorite costume and stop by the Vibora Bay Crypts for a frightfully good time.

BYOHW (Bring your own holy water).

Group Content BalloonWe live in dangerous times. Earth is constantly being invaded by alien conquerors, our dimension is perpetually being assaulted by eldritch terrors and the bank down the street is a target for anyone in spandex! What’s a hero to do?

Kick butt, that’s what!

Suit up and meet in the Conference Room in Champions Headquarters every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9:00 PM Server Time for group runs of your favorite end-game content like Nemesis Confrontation, Whiteout or Apocalypse Aversion.

Please note that characters in the Squadron will be given priority when determining the groups.