Pennie Dreadful

AKA Penelope Lane, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 391675

The subject in combat with an army of Irradiates in the Southwest Desert

Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Challengers of Destiny

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Unwanted power

Abilities: The subject’s consciousness is housed in a nearly indestructible robotic shell composed of Ellisite, a questionite-neutronium alloy created by Niles Ellison, while the internal frame consists of neutronium. The actuators are powerful enough to allow the subject to press a maximum of 25,000 tonnes and allow movement over horizontal surfaces at 350 kph. Built-in foot-mounted jets permit flight at 150 knots.

The robot shell is powered by a fragment of pure kelvarite which, in theory, provides an inexhaustible source of energy. The subject can channel excess energy into a plasma energy sword and shield for offensive and defensive purposes. The kelvarite power core also powers a built-in hologram projector, which the subject uses to alter her appearance though the resulting holographic overlay is unconvincing when within two meters.

Skills: Prior to “The Incident”, the subject was a gifted singer, songwriter and musician specializing in acoustic and electric guitar. When the subject’s brain engrams were uploaded to the robotic shell, the subject gained access to its extensive database. The subject can theoretically acquire whatever skill(s) a mission may require by means of a software update although it is unclear how this might affect the subject’s human consciousness.

Paraphernalia: N/A

Vulnerabilities: It is possible that a transient electromagnetic disturbance can disrupt the subject’s electronic systems. If a virus could circumvent the sophisticated firewall protecting the subject’s operating system, it is likely that an attack of this nature could disable the subject.

Threat Level: Gamma

Penelope Lane grew up in a typical working-class family in Calgary, Alberta. Neil, her father, was a long haul trucker while her mother, Mary, was a cook in a local diner. Although the Lanes barely made ends meet each month, they were a happy, closely-knit family. Her mother’s death from leukemia changed everything for the ten year old. Her father had to work harder and harder just to pay the bills, leaving her alone with her grief. Grief soon turned into anger. By thirteen, she had become a problem teen in danger of being swallowed whole by her rage.

While skipping school one day, Penelope met a street musician named Denise Wilson, who changed her life forever. Despite the teen’s initial hostility, Wilson wore her defenses down and gave her a healthy outlet for her feelings: music. Now simply calling herself Pennie, she proved to be extremely gifted. By sixteen, she had established herself as an up-and-comer in the local music community. The following year, she was discovered by Vincent Terranova, the head of Mad Dog Records, who signed her to a three-album deal. Things finally began looking up for Pennie and her father, who had fallen in love with Pennie’s mentor Denise.

Pennie’s EP, Liquid Sky, was met with both commercial and critical success. She began touring across North America, first as an opening act for the Arctic Monkeys but, within a year, as a headliner herself. When Neil and Denise got married a year later, Pennie stopped brooding over the past and began looking towards the future. While in L.A. to headline a show at the Hollywood Bowl, she met teen heartthrob George Roundy, star of the popular “The Vampire’s Diary” film franchise. The two started dating but, as Pennie’s star rose, Roundy’s fell. While at the Teen Choice Awards, Roundy became abusive so she dumped him on live TV but not before knocking out two of the actor’s teeth.

While working on her next album, Pennie received a ticket for the maiden voyage of Earth’s first commercial spaceliner, The Destiny. The flight was picture perfect until The Destiny suddenly and inexplicably disappeared from every tracking station on the planet. When it mysteriously reappeared twenty-three minutes later, the craft had suffered catastrophic structural damage and nearly all the passengers and all but one of the crew were dead. The lone crew member miraculously brought the crippled spacecraft back to Earth but the survivors had all been altered during “The Incident”.

Pennie had suffered the most radical and devastating change of all: her body had apparently been disintegrated during those missing twenty-three minutes yet her brain engrams had somehow been uploaded into a nearly indestructible robotic body. Her career in ruins and any chance for normalcy an impossible dream, Pennie Dreadful as she now chose to call herself threw her lot in with the remaining survivors of the ill-fated Destiny, who had decided to remain together to use their newfound abilities to protect others from the unknown.

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