Doctor Elemental

AKA Kumar Singh, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 391673

Doctor Elemental
The subject stares down a cadre of VIPER agents threatening to detonate a bomb in the heart of New York City

Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Challengers of Destiny

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Responsibility of Power

Abilities: The subject can wield a variety of so-called elemental forces for offensive and defensive purposes. For instance, he has been seen manipulating the earth to form protective shields, project an omni-directional blast of super-heated plasma, hurl ball lightning and crafting cages of ice to hold foes in place.

Skills: The subject holds advanced degrees in Astrophysics and Engineering. Singh is also a skilled combat pilot and has served as test pilot on a number of experimental and classified aircraft and spacecraft.

Paraphernalia: The subject carries the collapsible Ellison Enterprises spacesuit in a compartment on his belt.

Vulnerabilities: Due to the forces the subject was exposed to during “The Incident”, Singh must spend an hour a day in the experimental spacesuit he wore during the flight or suffer debilitating pain. Although every examination conducted on the suit was negative, it is believed that the nanotechnology incorporated into the spacesuit may have been responsible for him gaining his metahuman abilities. It is also believed that the subject will expire if he does not don the suit within 72 hours.

Threat Level: Beta

Kumar Singh was born in Queens, New York, where his father, Dr. Shah Khan, MD, and his mother, Dr. Dharma Singh, a psychologist, raised him in a loving home alongside his sister, Chahna, and brother, Lagan. Originally from India, his parents made a tidy sum working in hospitals and private practice and the Singh children were well-educated. Not wanting to force his father to pay for his college tuition, the subject joined the Air Force, which paid his way through college. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Physics, the subject continued onto a Doctoral program specializing in Astrophysics while rising through the ranks and becoming a seasoned combat pilot.

By his tenth year in the service, now Captain Singh had obtained a second Master’s degree in Engineering. He was then invited to join NASA and head a mission to the newly-established space station, Gateway, but was forced to relinquish his position on the flight due to the death of his father. On returning home from India, the subject left the service and began consulting for some of the largest aeronautical contractors in the world, including Boeing and Ellison. It was the CEO of the latter who suggested to Dr. Singh to try out for a spot on the crew of his starliner, The E.E. Destiny.

Despite his experience, he was passed up for the position of pilot but was chosen to head up communications and serve as co-pilot aboard the Destiny. The flight was picture perfect until The Destiny suddenly and inexplicably disappeared from every tracking station on the planet. When it mysteriously reappeared twenty-three minutes later, the craft had suffered catastrophic structural damage and nearly all the passengers and all but the subject were dead. Singh miraculously brought the crippled spacecraft back to Earth but the survivors had all been altered during “The Incident”.

Once back on solid ground, Dr. Singh found he had acquired the ability to manipulate a range of so-called elemental forces ranging from plasma to gravity. Doctor Elemental as he now chose to call himself threw his lot in with the remaining survivors of the ill-fated Destiny, who had decided to remain together to use their newfound abilities to protect others from the unknown.

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