Security Breach at Area II

An unknown number of operatives breached the security of Nellis Air Force Base Area II and made off with a top secret payload the doomed E.E. Destiny was carrying yesterday.

By Alexander Summers | The Las Vegas Chronicle

The sign posted outside the main entrance to Area II

At approximately 3:14 AM local time, one or more individuals successfully infiltrated Nellis Air Force Base Area II and stole the “classified payload” The E.E. Destiny had been carrying in her hold a spokesperson for the Air Force reported at a press conference earlier today.

Without tripping any alarms or alerting Nellis security detail on duty at the time to the presence of intruders, the culprit or culprits managed to gain access to the hangar currently housing the debris of The E.E. Destiny while investigators of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) attempt to discover what downed the world’s first space liner earlier this month.

A source in the NTSB who wishes to remain anonymous claims that the “payload” in question was not removed from the site but rather that something inside its storage housing had “torn its way out”. This, however, has not been corroborated as yet.

When asked what The Destiny was carrying, the spokesman, Major Nathaniel Adams, declined to comment citing the top secret nature of the payload. Niles Ellison, CEO of Ellison Enterprises, could not be reached for comment.

Nellis Air Force Base Area II is a separate facility about a mile northeast of the main base on the northern outskirts of Las Vegas. Area II is munitions storage facility for both conventional bombs and “non-conventional” munitions which reportedly include 200 nuclear warheads.

Major Adams concluded the brief press conference by saying that the authorities were confident that they would soon apprehend those responsible. When asked whether authorities suspected anyone currently stationed at Nellis, he stated that “[the authorities] will follow the evidence wherever it takes us.”


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