The Challengers of Destiny

Challengers LogoThe Challengers of Destiny is a supergoup founded by four survivors of the ill-fated maiden voyage of Earth’s first commercial spaceliner, The E.E. Destiny. Headquartered somewhere in Millennium City, the team is led in the field by Doctor Elemental but UNTIL theorizes that the group may be assigned missions and are provided with real-time intelligence by an as-yet unrevealed individual.

Despite their radically diverse personalities and the traumatic way that they received their metahuman abilities, The Challengers of Destiny are surprisingly closely-knit and well-organized. They have access to a wide range of advanced scientific equipment as well as cutting-edge vehicles yet the individual or individuals supplying the group with their gear and even its manufacturer has yet to be established.

Doctor Elemental (Leader)


Pennie Dreadful



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