AKA Allison McLeod, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 476208

The subject aiding disaster response teams in Alaska following a devastating avalanche

Base of Operations: Nashville, TN., Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron eXtreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Unwanted power

Abilities: The subject’s body constantly absorbs light energy and can channel the stored energy into concussive force.

Skills: Gifted songwriter, singer and guitarist (acoustic and electric)

Paraphernalia: N/A

Vulnerabilities: It is believed that the subject would become powerless if she were cut off from all sources of light energy.

Threat Level: Gamma

The daughter of famed country and western singer Jake “Slim” McLeod and his second wife Jolene Thompson, the subject decided that she wanted to break into the music business by the age of four. By the time she had turned eight, she was appearing on stage alongside her father. It was not until a visit to Elvis Presley’s home Graceland in nearby Memphis that her taste in music diverged from her father’s. In fact, she promised herself that one day she would become the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

When she was ten, her parents divorced and her mother was awarded custody. Now using her maiden name, Jolene moved to Burbank, California, to build a new life for herself. The subject adapted admirably to her new life as a typical teenager but her love for music only intensified. At fifteen, she formed and became the lead singer for “Sugar High”, an all-girl alternative rock band that soon began appearing in clubs across the San Fernando Valley. After leaving the band over creative differences several years later, the subject, now calling herself simply “Diamond”, began her solo career.

When she was eighteen, the subject was performing at the famous “Whiskey a Go Go” in West Hollywood when she was approached by Nate Fallon, the producer of the popular reality television singing competition “Melody Masters”. Fallon persuaded her to try out for the show, which proved to be her big break. Her vocal range and stage presence insured her place on the show and, within weeks, she had become its most popular contestant. Soon, a number of record labels were beating down her door for a chance to sign her.

It came as no surprise that the subject won the competition and a five-year, three-record contract with veteran music producer Phil Epstein. While on stage at Radio City Music Hall promoting her debut album “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”, VIPER attempted to kidnap her. The intensity of the light from the lasers onstage coupled with the stress of the abduction attempt triggered her mutant power to absorb light energy and channel it into concussive force for the first time. Although no one other than the VIPER agents were injured, her popularity plummeted due to prevailing anti-mutant sentiments.

After Epstein had released her from her contract, she moved back to Nashville where she opened “The Roadhouse”, her very own music club. At this time, she was recruited into the Squadron eXtreme by Spectrum (UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 470093), who was also Epstein’s estranged stepdaughter. The subject currently divides her time between appearing on stage and fighting crime.

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