Horizons: The Art and Music of the City

In Focus: Grace

The young artist who simply goes by Grace has been causing quite a stir in the local culture.  This up-and-coming twenty-five year old has made quite the splash with her love of multiple media’s, and seeming lack of concern about what the critics think of her works.  Her talents range from photography, to paints, charcoal and even tattoos.  

One of her first works in mixed media, Grace completed “Recollections” when she was barely thirteen yet showed outstanding promise

The daughter of Henry and Barbara Collins, Grace attended the prestigious Yale University’s School of Art for two years before striking out on her own.  She broke into the scene last year when she was one of the finalists on the popular tattoo contest show Ink’d.  She can often be found watching the events and colorful denizens of such bustling urban centers as Manhattan and Los Angeles from a distance, preparing her next piece.

We had the chance to speak to her during the opening of her display at the Brextal Gallery in Millennium City. The softly spoken artist shared few words with us, instead letting her landscapes, sketches, and painting of the city and it’s rather unique inhabitants speak for her.
“I am just a lens, a camera to capture a moment and pass it on to others.  If someone can capture a look into the truth of this city through my art, that is all I could ever ask for.” she said as she showed us Helter Skelter, a piece showcasing a band of heroes fighting off one of the mechanical monstrosities that was unleashed on our fair city, framed by the iconic skyline of our city.
“Helter Skelter” is a terse, unflinching character study

Of particular interest to those of us who have lived in the city for a while was the fact that the painting didn’t really detail the valiant defenders of the city, or even the terror they were facing.  All those elements were indistinct, undefined in subtle ways.  The true focus of the piece were the many citizens of the city portrayed in exacting detail, showing the impact of the events that happen here on the most often overlooked of those involved.  The common folk, such as you and I.

We look forward to seeing where this young lady chooses to make an impact next.

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