Pennie: Liquid Sky EP

Smokin’ hot just got an upgrade

Pennie’s six-track EP redefines Indie rock

One of this year’s true finds, Pennie carries the torch of true Indie rock with her finely-etched songs, smokey vocals and electrifying guitar riffs. Raised in Calgary, Alberta, a stone’s throw away from the Saddledome, her refusal to put up with bullying from school staff once saw her dad, a long haul trucker, hauled off to jail and then-thirteen-year-old Penelope Lane expelled for a week for spitting at a teacher.

Pennie rivets the audience at last year’s Lollapalooza Music Festival

“If you attract attention, you also attract people who want to take you down,” Pennie says.

Her debut album Liquid Sky released by indie label Mad Dog Records is a must-have. Period. The tracks feature slick golden rhythms, precisely honed melodies, occasional freewheeling and Pennie’s characteristic dirtied, sun-baked vocals that are reminiscent of Bella Donna-era Stevie Nicks.

The eighteen year old could be the face Indie rock desperately needs. She easily holds her ground in the banal sea of unwashed dudes singing about pain, puberty and p***y”. Her jubilant, take-no-shit untamable voice soars with swagger. Songs like “Narcisist” and “Looking for Work” feature Pennie’s bold temperamental octaves, arching over rambling acoustic strums, thumping percussion and harmonized choruses.

It’s been years since a performer has burst onto the music scene with such force and feeling. If Liquid Sky is any indication, Pennie is here to stay.


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