AKA Abigail Morgenstern, Andromeda Nomothetou; UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 140555

Themis presiding over the induction of a new member of The Squadron Supreme

Base of Operations: Mobile

Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Upholding the good

Abilities: The subject has displayed a vast array of metahuman abilities of indeterminate power and scope though she usually employs them in a defensive capacity

Skills: The subject has displayed a mastery of all human languages and it is theorized that she can communicate with any sentient creature. The subject is an expert in world history, international law, political science, divinatory systems and comparative religion. The subject is also well-versed in the use of bladed weapons but prefers to avoid combat whenever possible.

Paraphernalia: The subject can alter her appearance at will, alternating between her traditional form to that of an elderly woman in her eighties to one in her late twenties, and will manifest whatever accoutrements are required

Vulnerabilities: Although her power levels were reduced when she was banished from Olympus, no vulnerabilities have been evidenced

Threat Level: Alpha

The blindfolded heroine known as Themis (Greek: Θέμις) is in fact the ancient Greek goddess of the same name. What little is known of her is based primarily on mythological sources.

Themis is the goddess of divine order, law, and justice. A member of the race of primordial gods called Titans, the precursors of the Olympian deities, Themis was also a goddess of prophecy who presided over the most ancient oracles, including the Oracle of Delphi. In this role, she served as the intermediary between humanity and the gods, instructing the former in the primal laws of justice and morality.

Themis and her counterpart Nemesis (Greek: Νέμεσις) have a complex relationship. The two are in some ways polar opposites: while Themis is benevolent and merciful, Nemesis is wrathful and merciless. What is clear is that, when the laws expounded by Themis are disregarded, Nemesis exacts swift and often terrible retribution. As such, the two act as divine gatekeepers.

Themis was a paramour of Zeus and also his first counselor, often represented seated beside his throne advising him on the precepts of divine law and the rules of fate. Their tryst produced the three goddesses known collectively as the Moirai (Ancient Greek: Μοῖραι), or Fates: Clotho, the Weaver; Lachesis, the Lot-caster; and Atropos, the Inevitable. Furious with Zeus over his affair with Themis but unable to seek vengeance upon him, Hera, Wife of Zeus and Queen of Olympus, instead banished her from Olympus for all eternity. Despite her liaison with her husband, Themis was held in such high regard that even Hera addressed her as “Lady Themis.”

The immortal goddess spent the next several millennia amongst humanity, striving to foster the ideals that would herald the next step in mankind’s evolution as a species yet she abstained from taking an active part in the shaping of history on the grounds that humanity had to reach the heavens while standing on its own feet. However, the threats facing her mortal charges have forced Themis to take a more active role in the affairs of humanity.

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