Progenitors, The

Image taken by a Malvan scout ship over 143,000 years ago of the Progenitor’s Worldship, a spherical vessel with a surface diameter of 3,450 kilometers

Little is known about the race of godlike beings known as the Progenitors. Even such ancient space-faring races as the Malvans are in the dark as to the origins and goals of these enigmatic beings of extraordinary power. All that is known is that the Progenitors travel the stars in search of planetary systems containing nascent life in a spherical vessel approximately the size of Earth’s moon.

Once a planet with suitable life forms has been discovered, the Progenitors conduct wide-scale genetic experimentation on one or more promising species, often returning millions of years later for further experimentation as they did on Earth when the Progenitors created a genetic offshoot of mainstream humanity called the Empyreans. The Progenitors leave their guinea pigs to their own devices but invariably return to record their progress at some unknown time.

It is unclear why the Progenitors conduct these experiments and what their ultimate goal is. However, it is believed that the Progenitors visit the subjects of their genetic tinkering a fourth time to judge their worthiness. In the only recorded instance in galactic history where the Progenitors visited a planet a fourth time, they wiped it clean of all life, leaving behind a biosphere capable of supporting only the most rudimentary forms of life.

The Progenitors have visited the Earth twice: the last time being over 500,000 years ago.


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