AKA Sharla, Cloak; UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 259254

Cloak fighting alongside members of The Squadron Supreme against her father Takofanes

Base of Operations: Mobile

Group Affiliation: Squadron Academy

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Unwanted power

Abilities: The subject has evidenced a wide range of potent mystical abilities of indeterminate magnitude including the healing of injuries, the raising of the dead, the projection of eldritch bolts and the creation of force fields

Skills: Occultist specializing in ritual enchantment and ceremonial conjuration; polyglot with a mastery of the languages spoken in ancient Ambrethel as well as contemporary English, Ancient Greek, Scottish and Irish Gaelic, Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, Latin, and several Arabic dialects

Paraphernalia: N/A

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Beta

Tens of thousands of years before Atlantis sank beneath the waves, there existed on Earth a land out of legend called Ambrethel. Composed of numerous kingdoms, duchies and city-states which often vied against each other for power, Ambrethel was rife with magic and men coexisted with such legendary creatures as dwarves, elves and orcs. Technology as we know it had not advanced beyond the level prevalent in the Middle Ages because magic was both more ubiquitous and more powerful than it is today.

Ambrethel in the year 5000 SE

In the year 3333 of the Second Epoch, approximately 69,000 years ago, an unprecedented solar eclipse that darkened all of Ambrethel heralded the birth of Kal-Turak, the Ravager of Men. It is believed that Kal-Turak was the offspring of a sorcerer-warlord known only as The Lord of the Graven Spear and the sister of the demon-lord Krim called enigmatically The Dark Mother. Regardless of his ancestry, the then-mortal Kal-Turak began amassing enough dark power to subjugate the peoples of Ambrethel. By 4915 SE, he had become powerful enough to claim the northern part of Arduna for himself.

Erecting a protective barrier around his territory, Kal-Turak built his stronghold, Darkspire, from which he embarked on a systematic campaign to conquer Ambrethel. By 5278 SE, he had become undisputed ruler of the world yet, despite his vast power, he was still mortal and it was this flaw that would one day lead to his downfall. To achieve true immortality, it was foretold that he would have to sacrifice his only child before allowing himself to be slain with a blade forged during the conjunction of four stars.

Abducting Valona, the daughter of Dravin XI, Emperor of the Sirrenic Empire, Kal-Turak impregnated her. Valona suffered such horrific violation that she slipped into a coma never to awaken. Nine months later, the comatose young woman gave birth to a girl-child that had inherited her mother’s great beauty and her father’s great power. Naming the child Sharla (Sirrenic: Destiny), Kal-Turak permitted her free reign of Darkspire while her grandmother tutored her in the ways of the arcane arts. When The Army of the Four People’s led by┬áthe paladin Venghrest marched on Darkspire in 5511 SE, Kal-Turak sacrificed his eighteen-year-old daughter without hesitation.

Kal-Turak fell in battle only to rise nearly two thousand years later in fulfillment of the prophecy as the immortal Takofanes. Now more powerful than ever, the Archlich conquered Ambrethel once again and held sway over its people for two centuries. Refusing to bow to the will of the Archlich, the free peoples of Ambrethel banded together for one last desperate assault. So great were the magical forces unleashed in the final battle between Takofanes and the assembled mages of Ambrethel that the world was rent asunder. However, before their world ended, the victors buried Takofanes in a crypt deep underground, the mummified corpse of his daughter serving as a talisman to bind his power.

The Archlich rose from his death-like slumber in 1987 but so did his daughter. Since then, Sharla, now calling herself Cloak (Serrenic: Cursed) scoured the world for mystical artifacts powerful enough to recreate the spell that had rendered her father powerless. Takofanes had regained so much of his former power that he would have subjugated the world when he resurfaced recently had Cloak not stood against her father with Earth’s heroes.

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