Jade Hawk

AKA Jade Marshall, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 637299

Jade Hawk
The subject in combat against a cadre of Elder Worms in downtown Millennium City

Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Responsibility of power

Abilities: With the exception of her wings, the subject’s entire body is both caustic and toxic. She can emit toxic and caustic compounds from her hands as well as emit a cloud of the same from her pores. She can cause those already suffering from her toxic effects to exude life-energy that heals both herself and those around her. She possesses large, feathered wings that give her good flight capabilities and she has a superhuman ability to regenerate injuries without scarring.

Skills: The subject is skilled in aerial combat.

Paraphernalia: The subject wears a chemical-proof costume.

Vulnerabilities: The subject is quite conscious of the fact that she is, in comparison to many heroes, not exactly ‘successful’. Compared to other metahumans, she feels that she has nothing to fall back on if her superhero ‘gig’ somehow comes to an end.

Threat Level: Gamma

Jade Hawk was already a minor player in the superhero business of Millennium City. Capable of fair flight and having good spatial coordination, she could often be found aiding emergency services in their rescue operations.

All this changed with the most recent Qularr invasion. She did what she could but, as a fledgling hero, she was not equipped to handle energy weapons fire or go toe-to-toe with Qularr shock troops. She resigned herself to doing her normal job, ferrying messages and light loads between locations when a Qularr assault craft crashed into a warehouse near her and burst into flames.

With no other rescue teams in the area, she took it upon herself to attempt to perform a rescue. She dived into the warehouse, only to come under fire by members of the New Purple Gang using prototype chemical-based weapons. This, along with the chemicals she found in the warehouse, caused a secondary reaction in the crashed ship, which exploded completely, tearing the warehouse apart and leaving her miraculously unharmed in the middle of a group of dead gang members.

After recovering, she found that her metagene had somehow mutated during the explosion, and she was now permanently laced with the same toxic chemicals that should have killed her. Her very skin can cause chemical burns, which is why she now wears chemical-proof clothing in all public places: to avoid accidentally poisoning the people around her.

Only the feathers of her wings remain non-toxic, which she finds ironic, as she once cursed them as an obvious sign of her metahuman nature.

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