AKA Catherine Jones, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 429360

The subject returning to Earth after destroying a meteor that threaten to annihilate the Canadian city of Vancouver

Base of Operations: Toronto, ONT. Canada; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Current leader of the Squadron Galactic

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Unwanted power

Abilities: UNTIL scientists theorize that the kelvarite coating covering the subject’s body provides her with enough durability to withstand a fifty megaton thermonuclear explosion at ground zero; either due to the genetic tampering of the Qularr, the experiments conducted by ARGENT or a combination of the two, the subject can absorb and project an as-yet indeterminate amount of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum; the subject can fly at near light speeds via manipulation of gravity; the subject can survive hostile environments including a hard vacuum for an unlimited amount of time; the subject has evidenced the ability to transform herself into pure electromagnetic energy temporarily.

Skills: Prior to her abduction, the subject was studying Canadian History at the undergraduate level. Since the experiment that gave her her unique abilities, the subject has acquired an eidetic memory.

Paraphernalia: N/A

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Beta

Captain Al Jones, Royal Canadian Air Force, had always dreamed of going into space but never dreamed that he would be battling creatures from space until 1965, when the Qularr attacked Earth. One of the first wave of responders to the extraterrestrial threat, Jones fought with distinction but was captured and experimented on by the alien bio-engineers. Freed along with hundreds of other captives by the Justice Squadron, Jones returned to duty never suspecting that his genes had been altered by the Qularr scientists.

Years later, twenty-year-old Catherine Jones, Al Jones’ granddaughter, was abducted by the criminal cabal known as ARGENT, whose scientists wanted to unlock the genetic potential hidden in her DNA in the hopes that they could devise a process of creating super soldiers with powers like those of her sister Jennifer Jones, the super-heroine known as the Shroud (UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 425252). Jones was subjected to a number of invasive experiments during her ten days of captivity, one of which involved bombarding her with radiation spanning the electromagnetic spectrum to ascertain her resilience to various forms of energy. During the procedure, Jones began absorbing massive amounts of electromagnetic energy and the ingot of kelvarite being used to power the energy cannon began throbbing in sympathetic resonance.

Before the ARGENT scientists could shut the cannon down, it exploded, leveling the complex. When Canadian authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered that no one had survived the blast save Jones, who was sheathed in an impenetrable energy cocoon. As Canadian authorities were ill-equipped to deal with Jones’ unique condition, they released her to the custody of her sister. A month and a day after the explosion, Jones emerged from the cocoon, which had apparently been an intermediary step in her transformation into something more than human. For an as-yet unknown reason, Jones’ body was infused with kelvarite. The alien metal now irrevocably sheathed her body completely and granted her the ability to manipulate energy across the electromagnetic spectrum at unearthly levels.


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