Lady Luck

AKA Brenda Banks, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 193520

Lady Luck
Lady Luck “convinces” members of the Purple Gang to surrender at gunpoint

Base of Operations: New York City, NY. USA; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron All-Stars

Alignment: Good

Motivation: The thrill of adventure

Abilities: N/A

Skills: Capable unarmed combat, expert in pre-1945 music, fashion, the arts and popular culture

Paraphernalia: The subject carries two enchanted 1916 Mauser C96 machine pistols which fire bullets capable of penetrating up to ten-foot thick steel-reinforced concrete and homing in on their targets. The weapons cannot be taken from the subject and appear when needed. Their possession appears to impart a number of uncatalogued supernatural abilities to the subject such as limited teleportation and enhanced healing.

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Gamma

Daughter of mining tycoon Bickford Banks, debutante Brenda Banks was bored by her life of wealth and privilege. Inspired by the “mystery men” cropping up in the late 1930s, Banks decided to spice up her life by creating a costumed identity of her own and fighting crime alongside her brawny servant, Peecolo. Donning an emerald-green gown with matching hat and silk veil that hung over her face to obscure her features, she took the name Lady Luck. By 1942, Banks had become the bane of organized crime in Manhattan, stamping out many of the city’s vice and extortion rackets. When the United States entered the war, Banks was invited to join the Freedom Battalion, an offshoot of the Defenders of Justice consisting entirely of non-superpowered heroes tasked with taking the fight to the Axis powers.

While on a reconnaissance mission deep in Nazi-held territory in 1943, Banks and her teammate Strix stumbled across a plot to assassinate American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Using the Spear of Destiny, Nazi occultists of the Reichsamt für die Sicherung völkischer Kulturgüter (the Reich’s Office for the Safety and Security of National Cultural Items) would imbue twin Mauser C96 machine pistols once possessed by Hitler himself with supernatural properties and arm two operatives code-named die Nacht (The Night) and der Nebel (The Fog) with the weapons. Although the ceremony was disrupted and the Nazi spies were killed in the process, Strix was seemingly vaporized by a blast from the Spear of Destiny.

When Banks retrieved the Mausers, the spell took effect. To her dismay, the pistols were now bonded her, appearing in her hands when needed and disappearing when not in use. They would never require reloading and their bullets would always find their mark even if they had to go through concrete or around corners. In 1945, Banks also discovered that the projectiles fired from the pistols could also pierce mystical energy fields as well as superhumanly dense flesh when the Battalion fought their Axis counterparts, the Übermenschen. The battle was fierce and bloody with both sides suffering heavy loses. His allies either dead or subdued, the leader of the Übermenschen, der Totenkopf (The Death’s Head), leveled the Spear of Destiny at the Battalion just as Banks fired at the demonic creature.

In the resulting explosion of eldritch energy, both der Totenkopf and Lady Luck disappeared. Although Banks was mourned by her teammates, she was in fact propelled through time to present-day Millennium City, where she joined other time-displaced heroes in the Squadron All-Stars.

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