AKA Achillea Rashida Zahra, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 591025

The subject preparing to stop stampeding Manimals on Monster Island

Base of Operations: Athenopolis, undisclosed dimension acceded via portal somewhere in North Africa; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron All-Stars

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Personal agenda (Assessing Man’s World)

Abilities: Achillea is extremely long-lived, currently a youthful 2,500 years old.
She possesses typical strength and stamina for an Amazon woman, able to bench press around 500kg and leg press 1000kg, and can exert herself for over 24 hours without tiring.

Skills: The subject is a master tactician, having fought in many wars throughout history, having fought the Spartans early in her life and also participating in the Sky Amazon/Desert Amazon wars. She speaks almost all current and many dead Earth languages, albeit with typical Amazon inflection and speech patterns. She has a working knowledge of magical lore although she does not practice thaumaturgy beyond summoning the “Hermetic Flame” to heal injuries. She is also skilled in a variety of martial artist, specializing in Greco-Roman wrestling and Amazon kick-fighting.

Paraphernalia: Her numerous pieces of chunky gold jewellery are all trophies won at amazon sporting combat competitions. Achillea’s vows to her patron goddess Phroahdite forbid her from carrying weapons. However, the subject sometimes fights with a small Athenium shield and a set of bolas for binding opponents non-lethally. She possesses a pair of Athenium wings that allow for personal flight at speeds up to 200km/h. The subject uses “Phroahdite’s Oil” in combat, a magical body oil that makes her skin proof against weapons, able to deflect sword, small calibre fire and even superhuman punches at the low end of the scale.

Vulnerabilities: Achillea’s main weakness could be her inflexible attitude and assumption of cultural superiority.

Threat Level: Gamma

The subject was born in the Desert Amazon tribes in North Africa, a loosely affiliated group of nomads united under Queen Bezouin II (often referred to as Bezouin the Great). Like all Amazon women, she underwent initiation when she became an adult, using special herbs that send the ingester’s spirit to Olympus, where they hunt the goddesses themselves in search of a patron. She roped and caught Phroahdite, the protector of males, and her consort Phastos, the hobbled craftsman. Consequently, she has a gift for negotiation and oration (via Phroahdite) and technology (via Phastos).

Her vows to Phroahdite forbid her from using weapons and from eating meat. Despite this, she trained in amazon kick-fighting in order to stand in combat with her sisters who follow the more warlike goddess Temidj.

The subject’s people, the Daughters of Bezouin, joined the Sky Amazons in Athenopolis around 650AD, a secret city devoted to learning, and birthplace of Athenium technology.
She has regularly ventured into Man’s World in order to assess whether it is ready for technological exchange with Athenopolis. Her last assessment was in the 1940’s, when she fought in WW II with the Allies. 70 years later, she has returned, this time with her enchanted hound Sheba at her side.

UNTIL has determined that the Amazonian society the subject hails from differs radically from that of the Amazons heretofore discovered. Some of these differences are as follows:

  • Desert Amazon culture forbids depictions of the goddesses in human form, instead using brightly colored tessellation mosaics to represent;
  • Amazon women live with males, outnumbering them by about 2 to 1 in Athenopolis;
  • Rather than being chaste, half the women are same-sex attracted and they compose most of the political and military arm of Amazon life. Those who are heterosexual traditionally serve as scholars or healers;
  • The gods of the Desert Amazon pantheon are similar to those of the Ancient Greek pantheon, often differing in name alone, e.g. Phroahdite = Aphrodite, Phastos = Hephastus, Temidj = Artemis, etc.

Due to these differences and other discrepancies, it it theorized that this particular race of Amazons hails either from an alternate dimension accessible from Earth by an inter-dimensional nexus somewhere in North Africa or that it is an offshoot of the race of Amazons UNTIL is familiar with that broke off from the main branch thousands of years ago and developed along different socio-cultural lines.

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