Role-playing and the Squadron

Logo2I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about Role-play (RP) and your characters in the Squadron Supreme, a supergroup that I hope will make a difference not only in the Champions’ universe but also in your daily lives.

Firstly, our Artificial Intelligence Data Analyzer – AIDA for short – will be briefing you regularly in the Message of the Day (MotD) of news affecting our group. The AIDA Bulletins will appear in the MotD when you log onto the game but can also be seen in the News tab of the Group page (press G in-game to call this up). The Event Calendar on this site will also inform you of contests, social events and the days and times when we run group missions (game content typically requiring 5 players). All members are encouraged to contact the Leader of the Squadron or one of the Field Leaders by in-game mail of a group mission they would particularly like to do so that it can be given priority. These events and missions make for fantastic RP.

RoleplayingSecondly, although there is no obligation to do so, I hope that you all begin fleshing out your character(s) more fully. This means refining your character biography or defining their backstory. For a more immersive experience, try to stay in-character (IC) in the Squadron Supreme channel wherever possible and use the (( and )) when speaking out-of-character (OOC). Talking about the latest film OOC is fun but chatting IC is immensely rewarding.

Thirdly, members desiring to contribute to the RP experience of the group can work with me (or with other members) to develop and run storylines that involve a single character, a group of characters or even the entire supergroup. The sky is limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

Finally, RP is simply assuming a different persona and seeing what the world looks like through its eyes. It’s fun but, in the Squadron, not essential. We strive to see the game as a wonderful opportunity to meet others and make connections despite the daily grind of our real and virtual lives.


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