When you Wish upon a Star

A short story by @burrokmon#4404

Comet Arrival
The Comet Rider approaches Earth

It was The Shroud, Jennifer Jones, who first saw the falling comet during her Strike Mission on Monster Island against VIPER. The distant falling star itself wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that night, but Jennifer (perhaps it was the alien augmentation within her) felt something unique about this particular phenomenon. A tactical genius and a believer of technology, Jennifer never delved into superstition, mysticism, or the unseen (she left that sort of thing to Arcana or Antares)… but something inside of her encouraged her to close her eyes and… well, make a wish. And so she did, quietly so that she would not bring on the thousand questions that would come from Ironsight and Benedict Sage:

“I wish I could kill Ripper… I wish The Squadron Supreme was stronger.”

Unbeknownst to Jennifer, The Cosmic Wanderer known as Goh’Jeihd heard it while he meditated on the slowly approaching asteroid. He was used to hearing wishes of grandeur, of vengeance, or retribution throughout The Cosmos, but nothing like this. He sensed the unbelievable strain The Shroud was under, balancing between lawful moral conduct and removing this savage criminal once and for all.

“Help them…” whispered the sun of the Solar System, the voice an ageless, genderless faint gust of wind in the back of Goh’Jeidh’s mind as he meditated. “They protect many…”

“Is this why you summoned me here?” the being asked the voice. The voice didn’t respond with words this time, but with flashing images of alien invasions, inter dimensional rifts, and many powerful beings drawing on Its power for… and suddenly the visions stopped.

The being who would come to be known as The Comet Rider nodded in response. Sol was a young sun, much younger than he was, and for a young sun to deal with so many complexities could be hazardous to Its system. It didn’t speak the same as the older Suns that pulled and maintained their systems on the outskirts of the Milky Way. The messages were incomplete, mysteries unspoken until It is ready or able to. Perhaps this is why Goh’Jeidh answered Sol’s call many light-years away. The elder Suns either wanted to relocate their most prestigious civilizations and worlds, or to fight away dark energies that threaten their cycles and systems. Young, precious Sol, knew neither. Yet here It was, housing perhaps the most unique and active planets in the entire galaxy; Earth.

Slowly opening his eyes, he can see the approaching towers of the Renaissance Center, the apex of Millennium City’s civilization. He snickered mischievously as he listened to the countless people attempting to predict his landing courses, preparing for disastrous impacts here and there, some even began worshiping him and his comet as some benevolent being… Or was it a peace-bringing being? Next came the Sorcerers, Mages, and Psions, who threw  their magics and energies at him, hoping to control his arrival. This irritated him, the audacity of these people! He had to remind himself as they probed, scanned, chanted, and invoked at him that Humans were a young and ambitious race, to think that they had accomplished so much in so little time baffled him, he respected them for it.

The burning atmosphere rejuvenated Goh’Jeidh, and eventually he landed in a distant field, within the outskirts of this unbelievable city known as Millennium City;, home of superheroes, meta humans, cross-dimensional creatures, and extraterrestrials such as himself. Like any cosmic aware civilization throughout space, he was greeted by scientists and anthropologists in atmosphere-protecting gear. He tried to tell them that he was acclimated with the Earth’s atmosphere already once he broke into the ozone layer, but they went about their procedures. And although uncomfortable with it all, he complied with no resistance.

“Help them… They protect many…” Sol whispered into Goh’Jeidh once again, revealing that the organization that was testing him (UNTIL) was allied with another organization of super beings known as The Squadron Supreme, whom he first heard about from The Shroud when she made that wish that night. UNTIL finally released him a week later, categorizing him as part of a collective of superheroes known as The Defenders of the Galaxy. This is how he would encounter the reluctant leader of The Squadron Supreme, Arcana.

And the rest, as they say is history. However, The Shroud ended up getting one of her wishes; she would kill The Ripper very soon. The Comet Rider swore to uphold the founding member’s other wish…

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