AKA Peter Baldner, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 533940

Broadhead taking out a ring of bank robbers in Millennium City’s Westside

Base of Operations: Bonn, Germany; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron Academy

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Upholding the good

Abilities: UNTIL specialists believe the subject’s almost unerring aim and uncanny aptitude with projectile weapons might indicate a low-level mutation

Skills: Skilled gymnast and acrobat, skilled hand-to-hand combatant, expert with all manner of traditional projectile weapons (e.g. boomerangs, throwing stars), unearthly ability with a bow and arrows, polyglot with a mastery of German, Spanish and English

Paraphernalia: The subject wears lightweight body armor and special goggles with built-in night-vision and thermal imaging technology. The subject is armed with a compound bow of his own design composed of 7075 aluminum alloy and a quiver of thirty-six, 90 cm long arrow shafts, which can be fitted with an assortment of specialized arrowheads. The subject has been observed using:

  • Acid Arrows
  • Blast Arrows
  • Blunt Arrows
  • Broadhead Arrows
  • Electrical Arrows
  • EMP Arrows (emits an electro-magnetic pulse used to scramble electronics)
  • Flare Arrows
  • Freeze Arrows
  • Glue Arrows
  • Incendiary Arrows
  • Magnesium Flare Arrows
  • Net Arrows
  • Parachute Arrows (attaches to the bow and permits a safe landing from a great height)
  • Putty Arrows (adheres to rough surfaces and can stop exposed machinery)
  • Shrapnel Arrows
  • Smoke Arrows
  • Sonic Arrows
  • Tear Gas Arrows
  • Toxic Gas Arrows
  • Tranquilizer Gas Arrows (releases a cloud of concentrated fentanyl gas to knock out opponents)
  • Zip Line Arrow (allows him to swing through the air, scale vertical surfaces and cross chasms)

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Delta

The subject is the grandson of German industrialist and entrepreneur Ivo Baldner, also known as the German hero der Bogenshütze (The Archer). When the elder Baldner retired from heroics, his son Georg assumed his father’s mantle but a near-fatal gunshot wound left him unable to use the bow again. The injury convinced him to seek other ways of fighting the good fight. Using the considerable resources of Baldner Industries, a multinational conglomerate that manufactured everything from luxury sports cars to personal computers, he founded the Baldner Foundation, a charity dedicated to to helping those less fortunate.

He married Eliza Crowley, heiress to the Crowley textile fortune, and they had twin sons – Peter and Friedrich. Their life would have been idyllic had a VIPER kidnapping plot not gone horribly wrong. In the aftermath, both Georg and Theresa were dead, leaving the boys orphans at the age of twelve. Although their grandfather did his best to raise the boys, the tragedy affected them deeply. Peter became determined to prevent others from going through what he had by following in his grandfather’s footsteps. Friedrich, however, became obsessed with eradicating criminals without mercy. When the two reached adulthood, they went their separate ways.

Assuming the name der Henker (The Executioner), Friedrich began to systematically liquidate VIPER targets around the world – killing anyone even loosely associated with the organization. Concerned that his brother would die at the hands of the authorities or one of the criminals he had made his prey, the subject designed lightweight body armor and specialized ‘trick’ arrows like his grandfather and father had used before him to apprehend his brother. For nearly a year, the subject tracked his brother, always one step behind him until his search took him to Millennium City. During a three-way battle between his brother, a cadre of VIPER operatives and himself, he finally managed to take his brother into custody.

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