The Seven

Seal of the Seven
The Seal of the Seven

Unknown to the majority of the occult community, there exists a group whose aim is to defend the Earth plane from eldritch threats that no single group dare stand against. This group is simply called The Seven. Each member serves as an agent of one of the Seven Wanderers – the seven planets recognized by the ancient occultists – the Sun, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

The manner in which one becomes chosen to join this group is unknown. Those who are aware of the existence of this conclave maintain that the Archmage – the agent of the Sun and Crown of The Seven – determines the membership based on the gravity of the threat at hand. Others claim that those destined to join the ranks of The Seven are born with an innate awareness of their roles as vessels of the Seven Wanderers. All that is known for certain is that, once summoned, The Seven must convene to ensure the survival of all sentient life.

It is rumored that The Seven convened recently to repel the invasion of our dimension by the Qliphothic entities called the Nehemoth. However, as there has not been an Archmage since the death of Bohdan Stanislavski in 1908, it is unclear who may have brought The Seven together.


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