Membership Oath

A reproduction of the Membership Scroll awarded to Squadron member Catalyst

Once a candidate for membership has passed all necessary tests and has been approved by the Membership Committee, they are inducted into the Squadron in a formal ceremony held at Squadron Headquarters. At the end of the ceremony, the inductee reveals their identity to the members in attendance and takes the Membership Oath reproduced below:

I, CANDIDATE NAME, stand before the embodiment of peace and justice to make this solemn oath:
I swear to uphold these virtues to the best of my abilities;
To keep fast the fellowship of my comrades;
To protect the innocent in times of peril;
And to make the ultimate sacrifice if need be in the performance of my duties as a member of the Squadron.

The newly-inducted member is then presented with a Membership Scroll, a Member’s Manual and communication link if one has not already been provided.


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