Communication Link

A multi-purpose device that goes far beyond allowing Squadron members to “stay in touch”

A standard-issue comm-link

The communications link, colloquially known as the comm-link, is a miracle of microtechnology. The device can be worn around the wrist though many members of the Squadron prefer to have the circuitry incorporated into their costumes or built into whatever devices they typically utilize while in the field.

The comm-link has the following features:

  • Multi-band communication: allows for instantaneous communication between comm-link users within one astronomical unit (AU) of earth, fidelity of transmission and reception degrading gradually to 40% at 30 AUs (approximately the distance from Earth to Pluto); communication between members and Squadron Headquarters is achieved by quantum tunneling technology which permits theoretically unlimited range
  • Global positioning system (GPS): the state-of-the-art GPS allows for determining location within 2 millimeters
  • Homing beacon: within Earth atmosphere, the homing beacon utilizes the built-in GPS but, while in space or in an alternate dimension, a quantum tunneling homing pulse is continuously broadcast
  • Biometrics verification system (BVS): ensures that only the registered user can access the device; any attempt at circumvention will result in a system lockout
  • Health monitor: constantly transmits the user’s current state of health to Squadron Headquarters; an automated distress call/homing signal is activated in the event of debilitating injury
  • Anti-tamper technology: attempts at reprogramming the device will result in its complete destruction via a built-in nanoexplosive
  • Quantum doorway: when the user is within ten meters of the Champions Building, the device emits a pulse that opens a portal directly to Squadron Headquarters (see Squadron Headquarters)
  • Hologram projector: projects a three-dimensional image used in place of a video screen but can also be utilized in a wide range of tactical scenarios such as rendering terrain or plotting the trajectories of objects in real-time
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI): the hologram projector can also create a complete GUI consisting of a holographic display and keyboard with text-to-speech capabilities
  • Emergency condition (EMCON) level indicator: a small LED on the device will indicates the current EMCON; the indicator is off by default unless EMCON 3 or lower is reached (see EMCON System)

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