Jailhouse Rock

AKA Reginald Ramirez Jr., UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 476618

Jailhouse Rock
Jailhouse Rock aiding authorities regain control of Stronghold Penitentiary after an attempted jail break from its metahuman inmates

Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron eXtreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Upholding the good

Abilities: Ramirez Jr. can convert his body into a form of organic rock that enhances his strength and durability immensely. Stress tests indicate the hardness of his earthen form’s exterior is comparable to diamond and his strength reaches an upper limit of 50 tons. In addition to this, Ramirez has exhibited the limited ability to manipulate the Earth around him, exhibits enhanced sensory capability when in physical contact with it, and seemingly relegates respiration to an as-yet undiscovered process or does not require air to survive.

Skills: Bilingual with a mastery of English and Spanish; Well-developed, inherent understanding of mechanical and chemical systems as well as physics despite lack of higher education.

Paraphernalia: N/A

Vulnerabilities: The subject’s emotional state directly affects his abilities – increased levels of anger and stress cause a substantial decrease in the effectiveness of his transformation and may inhibit his ability to transform entirely if stress level reach a high enough level.

Threat Level: Beta

Son of former PRIMUS Silver Avenger Reginald Ramirez Sr. and his wife, community activist and medical assistant, Angela Ramirez, Ramirez Jr. was born in what would become Millennium City’s Mercy Hospital. A reclusive child, Ramirez Jr. exhibited developmental deficits in his early school years. As his father was the subject of frequent lengthy hospital visits due to wounds suffered in Dr. Destroyer’s 1992 attempt to obliterate North America, this largely left Ramirez Jr. the sole male presence in his house, hence developing overprotectiveness towards his mother. Evaluations find evidence of friction in the Ramirez family.

Due to poor attendance even as a youngster and a marked disinterest in study, the subject performed unsatisfactorily at school, only barely managing to meet enrollment criteria at Westside High School. His father’s frequent absences and his mother’s working to make ends meet meant that Ramirez Jr. spent long hours by himself. He soon fell in with other “at risk” youths in the neighborhood – Ray Gatt, Buzz Caliber, Carmenza Rivera, and Johnny Frank.

Ray Gatt, the subject’s closest friend, is believed to possess precognitive abilities as well as astonishing sensory acuity and hand-eye coordination. Buzz Caliber has displayed incredible speed. Carmenza Rivera eludes classification although Ramirez Jr. cites her as being “stupid smart”, with an unnatural grasp of machinery and other technology for her age and experience. The oldest of the group, Johnny Frank had ties to the Maniacs, a gang currently active in Millennium City’s Westside. The subject has declined to comment on whether and what Frank’s abilities are. Belonging to the group, which was called the Diesel Dogs, was a source of confidence for the otherwise insecure and anxious Ramirez Jr.

During an altercation with the Purple Gang, a rival street gang, the group was ambushed at a popular Westside pizzeria named Gino’s. Gatt took a bullet for the subject in the ensuing exchange. After seeing his friend hospitalized in serious condition, Ramirez Jr. returned to the scene of the crime, hoping to uncover a clue as to who was responsible for nearly killing his friend. Ramirez Jr. became convinced of Frank’s complicity although he failed to amass any concrete evidence. The subject soon joined the Purple Gang, his skills with machinery and electronics earning him a place in the lower echelons of the gang. He soon had the dubious honor of becoming the youngest “made man” in Purple Gang history.

The subject soon discovered his abilities after attempting to leave gang life behind so as to support his mother and focus on his studies. In a moment of anger at Carl’s Gym in Westside, Ramirez Jr. hit a punching bag so hard that it flew across the gym into the wall. After this incident, his mother noted patches of unusually tough skin. Coupled with his suspicious behavior, his mother confronted her son, who admitted to having metahuman abilities. The subject gained a measure of confidence and took to the streets anonymously in an attempt to right the wrongs he had inflicted upon his neighborhood.

Going by the code-name Jailhouse Rock, Ramirez Jr. is currently a member of the Squadron eXtreme and has secured a tentative scholarship to Ravenswood academy. Though the youth remains cooperative for now, he harbors a disregard for authority and an unsatisfied need to avenge himself on Johnny Frank.


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