Terahertz Red Marvel

AKA Jannikka Salome Anders, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 597420

Photograph of subject after breaking into an UNTIL installation on Monster Island in search of medical supplies for the Manimals

Base of Operations: Monster Island, Japan; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron Dark

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Responsibility of power

Abilities: The subject a range of psionic abilities (classified as a “Marvel” under RAPTURE protocol) Telepathathic abilities include long range communication, local perception alteration, projection of “Anti-Violence Field” inhibiting hostile action against her and her allies, illusion-casting which often takes the form of making opponents think they are on fire or under attack from knives and the ability to upload and download memories. Via telekinesis, the jubject can fly, lift several tons at a range of 100 meters and project a protective force field, which she has used to compress enough air into a TK pocket to travel to the Moon unaided. A peculiar ability that she refers to as the Orgone Flames allows her to heal herself or those around her with psionic flames.

Skills: The subject is a polyglot with a mastery of Swiss German with an imperfect command of English added via psionic download. Anders also holds an undergraduate degree in psychology.

Paraphernalia: : standard-issue RAPTURE uniform

Vulnerabilities: Anders’ psionic power far outstrips the limitations of her human body. RAPTURE’s accelerated training programme has taught her how to overclock her brain to boost her powers but using them in this fashion causes a toxic build-up in her brain similar to lactic acid in muscles, which necessitates her sleepinh up to 16 hours per day to recover.

Threat Level: Beta

Anders grew up in Basel, Switzerland, daughter of a pharmaceutical worker single mother. From an early age, she exhibited telepathic and telekinetic abilities but kept these hidden and used them for minor petty gains. She coasted through school and a degree in psychology, growing increasingly bold in her manipulations of those around her.

When RAPTURE caught up with her, she was living gratis in an upmarket hotel, partying and supporting a small group of friends with stolen proceeds. She was subdued by RAPTURE agents and taken to the new Ravenswood Unit in Millennium City and trained to be a field operative and de-programmer in RAPTURE’s fight against PSI.

Anders proved to be the most powerful student they had yet enrolled, with natural psionic gifts across the full spectrum of cerebral (Cherry), physical (Peach) and assistance (Angel), classifying her as a “Mandarin” with multiple gifts. She was placed in the Accelerated Programme, designed to bring her “precious gifts” up to speed as quickly as possible. Chafing against the authoritarian nature of this course, and her abduction, she gathered together a small group of allies within RAPTURE called the “Marvel Girls and Boys”, picked from among the top multiple talents. When the time was right, she caused a riot within the school complex and made good her escape.

She was classified as a rogue telepath (“turning red”) by RAPTURE, changing her callsign from Terahertz Mandarin to Terahertz Red Marvel. Huntedf by RAPTURE telepaths and badly in need of sleep after over-extending her powers, the paranoid and ragged Red Marvel was taken in by the demon Na’amah while the creature was masquerading as the Shroud and was coerced into joining the Squadron Sinister.

On an early “fundraising” mission, she appropriated a bank vault and has been using it as her bedroom ever since thanks to its inbuilt anti-psionic Faraday cage.

Mind control by Na’amah and media control by RAPTURE have given Red Marvel a very bad public image. The papers branded her a killer over the death of Benedict Sage, which still causes her a large degree of distress and resentment. She has been further hurt by her friend Keter, who revealed himself to be a megalomaniac terrorist, and her former friend and lover Asp, who brought to the surface some disturbing revelations.

Despite her trust issues, her behavior has stabilized somewhat. She performs some good deeds, such as compiling a psionic dossier on RAPTURE to bring to the European Court of Human Rights in the Hague. She has devoted herself to rescuing Manimals on Monster Island from the Qulaar and runs a small village/shelter for them in exchange for help should she it ever need. She still harbors a strong rebellious streak, and has a troubled relationship with authority figures like the leader of the Squadron Dark, Arcana (Registry No.: 790468).

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