The origin of Takofanes adapted from material by Steven S. Long & Darren Watts

A picture of the Archlich taken during his most recent assault on the world of the living

Sixty-five thousand years ago in the Turakian Age, Takofanes the Undying Lord, also known as the King of the Throne of Human Ivory or simply as the Archlich, was a power-hungry man named Kal-Turak. He subjugated nearly every pocket of human habitation and, through sheer force of will, even conquered death itself. The rule of the undying despot who had become known as the Ravager of Men went unopposed for centuries until the free peoples of that time finally cast him down and imprisoned him in a tomb buried deep beneath the surface under what would become Oklahoma. The tomb survived undisturbed for millennia thanks to the potent magicks placed upon it. However, in 1987, with the tide of magic higher in the world than it had been in centuries, Takofanes freed himself.

Takofanes destroyed the entire town of Tahlequah, Oklahoma and turned its residents into zombies. From there he headed eastward, leaving death, devastation, and madness in his wake as he crossed the United States. His goal was the same as it had been in the past – reign over the world and every soul upon it. Whether they remained alive or undead mattered little to him. A combined effort by several superteams to stop him from crossing the Mississippi River failed, resulting in the deaths of Archangel, Corundum, Delphi, the Hyperkinetic Man, Tightwire, Flechette, and Goldfire.

A second attempt at stopping Takofanes in eastern Kentucky by a larger group of superheroes and several supervillains including the Crowns of Krim succeeded with no further loss of superhuman life but he vanished from the battlefield before anyone could lay hands on him. It was not until that final battle that anyone saw him so much as acknowledge the existence of those opposing him. Since then, Takofanes has returned several times, always in a different location but always spreading death and havoc wherever he goes. He has never worked with other villains and presumably regards all living beings as servitors-to-be regardless of their powers in life.

Resembling a human skeleton garbed in macabre, ornate clothing and borne in a litter carried by his undead servants or the sheer force of his magic, Takofanes commands great magical might particularly in the arcana of Necromancy. He wears on his head the fabled Dragon Crown, seventh and greatest of the Crowns of Krim. Mystics who have fought Takofanes have had no difficulty sensing the evil magick imbued in the crown. Although the exact nature of the magick remains unclear, it seems to protect the Undying Lord from certain mind-affecting powers. On some occasions, the emerald seems to glitter particularly brightly when Takofanes casts spells himself. Where he passes, corpses rise from their graves to serve him, and ghosts appear to wreak harm on the living. Everyone who stands against him and is slain returns from the dead as a mindless revenant under his complete control.

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