Naomi Danzig

AKA Wyldechyld, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 378457

The subject caught on film after successfully thwarting a plan to kidnap the mayor of Millennium City

Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron eXtreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Responsibility of power

Abilities: The subject can increase her density at will, which improves her strength and durability. Due to her skin’s pigmentation, she can blend into shadows, becoming nearly invisible. It is believed that her night vision is particularly acute.

Skills: Danzig is highly proficient in several martial arts. She is also a talented hoverboard and skateboard freestylist, though she has not competed professionally.

Paraphernalia: : Danzig carries a sonic pistol, which can emit up to 400db – enough to cause severe hearing loss – or, by using the ‘repel’ setting, send out concussive sonic waves that can send opponents reeling. In the field, she wears sophisticated Kevlar/ceramic body armor which can also absorb or reflect certain energy types. She typically uses a hoverboard for travel.

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Gamma

Very little of note is known about Danzig. She was born into an affluent family and had a promising future. When her mutation manifested, her parents invested in body paint and colored contacts so that she would “fit in”. By the time she graduated from high school and gotten into college, only a select few friends knew of her mutation.

While on a shopping spree with friends, a Qulaar raiding party that had attacked downtown Millennium City forced her to take action. Knowledgeable in the martial artist and having some control over her density, she fought the aliens off, protecting her friends but revealing her true skin color beneath her tattered clothing in the process. When the authorities arrived, she was working over a Qulaar attacker while her friends cowered in a corner. Her cover blown, she decided to register as a hero and has been fighting crime and protecting innocents ever since.

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