Crowns of Krim, The

A short description of the powerful mystical artifacts known as the Crowns of Krim

The Iron Crown

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the demon-god Krim forged seven mystical crowns. These crowns have survived through the ages and, over the course of time, have been found by various men, granting their wearers power. Dark Seraph heads a group called The Crowns of Krim composed of himself and five others. The six crowns whose locations and wearers are currently known are:

  • The Iron Crown: Dark Seraph wears the Iron Crown and is among the most evil people to walk the earth. With the Iron Crown in his possession, he has the power to act on any malice he can think of.
  • The Blood Crown: This crown is worn by Bloodstone . This particular member of the Crowns of Krim is the only member to still retain parts of his soul. Taking that into account, this makes the crimes he has committed, even worse.
  • The Shadow Crown: Eclipse wears this crown, which gives him power over darkness. He is the most demonic of the group and the most devoted to restoring Krim’s power.
  • The Golden Crown: This crown is worn by Force and bestows upon him the power of kinetic motion. Rumor is that he is a materialistic person but no less brutal.
  • The Shining Crown: Phoenix wears this crown and is granted power over fire. His pyromania is matched only by his sadism.
  • The Stone Crown: Temblor wears this crown and has a body made of rock. No matter where he goes, the earth is corrupted. He can also blend into the earth.

The Dragon Crown is worn by Takofanes and is rumored to be greater than the other six though the precise nature of its power is unknown. The Crowns of Krim only work with each other and rarely align themselves with other villains. However, the Crowns will attempt to thwart the plans of Takofanes even if they need to assist superheroes to do so.

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