The Squadron eXtreme

Historical Overview

eXtreme LogoStemming from the proliferation of young, super-powered mutants in contemporary society, the Squadron eXtreme is an initiative instigated by Squadron Supreme leader the Shroud. It was maintained that these new mutants would pose a serious harm to themselves and others if they did not receive instruction in the safe use of their powers and the moral framework for their appropriate usage.

The aim of the Squadron eXtreme is to ensure that its members can safely integrate themselves into society or become competent members of the international super-heroic community if they so wish. Although the purpose of the Squadron eXtreme is primarily didactic, the more experienced members of the team have on occasion been deployed in times of emergency.


The roster of the Squadron eXtreme is composed entirely of young mutants aged twelve and up. Despite some of the members being the children and grandchildren of established superheroes, the majority are completely untrained in the use of their powers, which makes the team highly unpredictable but also highly dangerous.



Active Members


Naomi Danzig



Deceased/Inactive Members

At present, no member has been killed in the line of duty and none have gone on reserve status.



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