The Squadron Dark

Historical Overview

Dark LogoThe group currently known as the Squadron Dark was a splinter organization of the Squadron Supreme known as the Squadron Sinister and supposedly founded Squadron Supreme leader the Shroud. However, it was revealed that an extra-dimensional entity called Na’amah had imprisoned the Shroud and impersonated her so that she could form the Squadron Sinister as her personal strike force.

Once the Shroud had been retrieved and Na’amah defeated, the members of the Squadron Sinister were incarcerated in the maximum-security facility called Stronghold Penitentiary. However, as Na’amah had used mind-control on them, they were exonerated for crimes committed under her mental subjugation and released. It is unclear how the group reformed under the leadership of former Squadron Supreme member Arcana.


The roster of the Squadron Dark is volatile to say the least. There has been reports from reliable sources that there has been substantial in-fighting among members. With that said, the Squadron Dark have become a formidable fighting unit and have spearheaded the Squadron’s efforts against metaphysical threats.



Active Members


Terahertz Red Marvel

Deceased/Inactive Members

At present, no member has been killed in the line of duty and none have gone on reserve status.


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