Witchfinder, The

Photograph taken of Blain moments before engaging Doctor Arcane outside Boston in 2006.

One night, eight year old Jeremy Blaine’s comfortable, middle-class childhood came crashing down. He and his parents were caught in Takofanes’s debut march across the United States. The Archlich slew Blaine ’s parents and reanimated them as part of his army of the dead. Perhaps Takofanes didn’t see him cowering behind a dumpster; perhaps he simply didn’t need a child zombie. Nevertheless, Blaine was spared the fate of his parents.

That meeting with Takofanes taught Blaine that devils walked the night, and the worst of all were the devils in human form who treated with the Dark Powers. He lost his parents to magic but he could stop the magicians from claiming any more victims by killing them all first.

Blaine grew up in foster care. He became a top student and star athlete in high school, but he turned down all the offers he received from college recruiters. On his eighteenth birthday, he inherited his parents’ modest savings and used the money for a five-year trip around the world. He visited private libraries and esoteric sages, martial arts trainers and weaponsmiths. At the end of his journey, he was ready to begin his life’s work.

Blaine assumed the guise of the Witchfinder. His goal was to purge all magic from the world – kill the wizards, set fire to their scrolls and manuscripts, destroy their artifacts and burn down their sanctums – or die trying. He saw all supernatural creatures as pawns of magicians, and tried to destroy them as well. Besides conventional weapons, the Witchfinder also employed items of occult power in his crusade, most noteworthy of which was the Spear of Destiny.

Blaine began a bloody rampage in May, 2006 in New York City by murdering three high-ranking members of the devil-worhipping cult DEMON. By the time the magic-wielding superhero Dr. Arcane engaged him in Boston in July of that year, Blaine had murdered another eight people belonging to various occult organizations. It is rumored that Dr. Arcane became involved because Blaine had targeted his family for termination.

During the confrontation, both men vanished in what eyewitnesses claimed was a brilliant burst of light. Although the semi-retired superhero reappeared nearly a year later, Blaine has never resurfaced. In an enigmatic statement made to authorities in April the following year, Arcane stated that Blaine was neither dead nor in custody.

Blaine’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Although Blaine has no metahuman abilities, Blaine has utilized a wide assortment of military-grade hardware as well as a variety of occult objects he has collected against targets to great effect against powerful supernatural adversaries. He is an expert marksman with a wide variety of projectile weapons, an expert hand-to-hand combatant, an expert military strategist as well as an expert in demonology, occult lore and comparative religion.

Adapted from a text originally published in Arcane Adversaries: An Enemies Book for Champions by Dean Shomshak. ™ and © Hero Games, Inc., 2002.


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