Electrum Magicum

An alloy with unique magical properties

An ingot of electrum magicum

Electrum magicum is an alloy made out of seven metals corresponding to the seven planets known to astrologers and occultists in the Middle Ages – gold corresponding to the Sun, silver to the Moon, quicksilver to Mercury, copper to Venus, iron to Mars, lead to Saturn and tin to Jupiter. The alloy was much sought after due to its unique magical properties and practitioners of ritual magic favored it when constructing their so-called Elemental Weapons.

Paracelsus, a famous alchemist and physician, wrote of this metal and its practical benefits when used in the construction of occult instruments such as a Magic Mirror. However, it has also been used in the making of conventional armor and weapons, which were said to ensure victory to their wearers and death to the enemies of their bearers.

The procedure to create electrum magicum and the exact amounts of the metals needed have been a jealously guarded secret for centuries.

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