AKA Inkwi, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 925414

One of the few photographs of the subject, taken at dusk as he patrolled downtown Millennium City

Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Upholding the good

Abilities: Can flawlessly shape-shift into both organic and inorganic objects that exceed his body mass by an estimated 250%, can manipulate his molecular density to attain the tensile strength of molybdenum steel or a gelatinous consistency, can transform all or parts of his body into simple objects such as blades or spikes with analogous physical characteristics

Skills: Polyglot with a mastery of several languages spoken within the Malvan Empire as well as North-American English, skilled hand-to-hand combatant and military strategist, accomplished pilot of a wide variety of space-faring vehicles used in the Malvan Empire

Paraphernalia: N/A

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Gamma

Inkwi, the warrior that would be known on Earth by the sobriquet Ink, was born into slavery as had all Roin’esh but, unlike many of his species, Aviditas, his Malvan owner, treated his property better than his peers. While other Roin’esh were trained from birth to fight and die for their masters in the Forum Malvanum or sate their insatiable appetites for pleasure in other ways, Ink had been given the same education that a freeborn Malvan was entitled to receive. Of course, he would occasionally be required to use his shape-shifting abilities to spy on his master’s competitors in the trafficking of the highly-addictive substance known as Blue Spice, but these missions were rarely dangerous.

In time, Ink fell in love with another slave in his master’s stable called Shla’thet and was permitted to bond permanently with her as was the Roin’esh tradition. The union soon produced a male offspring the couple named Jareen and the family lived an idyllic life for nearly six years until Aviditas lost his fortune gambling and was forced to sell off most of his estate to pay off his debt. Unfortunately for Ink, he and his family were part of the Aviditas estate. They were sold to Vapidus, a Malvan noble whose entire stable was dedicated to gladiatorial combat. For four years, Ink and his wife fought in the brutal Games while Jareen, who was too young to compete, was instructed in all forms of armed and unarmed combat.

To the delight of Vapidus, Jareen excelled in his studies. When he reached his Age of Ascension, Jareen began to compete in the Forum Malvanum. A year later, he was killed by a Kro’Taruk named Lantok. Despondent at the loss of her child and the unrelenting brutality of her life, Shla’thet committed suicide. The death of his wife filled Ink’s heart with fury but instead of attempting to exact retribution and certainly dying before getting it, he remembered what Aviditas had always said “Guile often wins the day where mere strength cannot”. So, Ink planned his revenge for a year. When the moment was right, he struck: killing Vapidus and freeing the slaves in his stable before stowing away aboard a starship and escaping the system.

The starship travelled to a desolate satellite orbiting a small, backwater world outside the Malvan sphere of influence called Earth. Tateklys, the leader of the expedition, was tasked by the Emperor himself to locate exciting new species to compete in the Forum Malvanum either willingly or reluctantly and Earth boasted a large number of potential gladiators with remarkable abilities. Several members of the newly-formed Squadron Supreme including the Shroud were in one such group. Unfortunately for Tateklys, the humans were not only more than a match for their opponents but also the Malvan security forces.

Seeing that there were individuals in the galaxy that fought for a noble cause, Ink aided the humans escape the lunar complex and subsequently joined the Squadron Supreme to honor the memory of his wife and child.

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