AKA Cam’ron Franklin, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 839060

Pre-Cog patrolling the streets of his beloved home in Westside

Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron eXtreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Thrill-seeker

Abilities: Sixth Sense for immediate danger, limited foresight, automatic lightning reflexes and precognition to avoid said immediate danger, Chi Force; further augmenting not only his sixth sense but his strength and endurance

Skills: Martial Art form of Low Pan Li Fah: a combination between Wushu-Kung-fu, Ninjitsu, Tai Chi, and Aikido, which aids his precognition and reflex abilities, fluent in Ebonics.

Paraphernalia: The subject has been known to carry a range of martial arts-themed paraphernalia such as sharpened shuriken and Chinese silk ribbons. The subject has been known to wear ninja attire for recon and stealth missions and has used a grappling gun and zip line in the past.

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Delta

Many heroes claim the mean streets of Westside Millennium City as their own, be it their birthplace or their base of operations, but no one is more familiar with the neighborhood and culture than Cam’ron Franklin. Born and raised in Westside two blocks away from the Chinatown, in a project building ravaged by meta-human warfare, Cam’ron (or simply Cam) was raised by a single mother in a one-bedroom apartment. His mother, a full-time dishwasher and part time community activist, did her absolute best to keep Cam out of the hands of The Hood and below the radar of the law but, because of her demanding work schedule, he eventually turned to his neighborhood friends during his pre-teens for an outlet; Swolo, G-Mill, Drewmac, and Clip.

G-Mill was a talented lyricist, and was trying to land a record deal in hopes of having enough money to buy a power suit and keep his neighborhood safe when the capes did not (which was quite often). Drewmac was the the eyes and ears of The Hood, anything going down, or any score to be made, he knew about it. Clip, the oldest of the group, was a member of The Purple Gang, and was always strapped and ready to brandish his weapons; a certified gangster. And that left the last two: Swolo was Cam’s best friend growing up, and a mutant whose super-strength manifested on his fourteenth birthday. Whereas Cam (secretly called Pre’Cog by Swolo) was gifted with the ability of immediate foresight and a sixth-sense for danger. They both kept their secrets from the others, so that their abilities would not be exploited for gang violence. The five of them called themselves Low-5, the name of the record label G-Mill envisioned he would ultimate own.

Low-5 found soon found themselves involved in petty crime as they grew up, nothing too big but enough to give them some street credibility. It was during a brawl outside of a convenient store which gave away Swolo and Pre’Cog’s abilities, Pre’Cog expertly avoided all danger effortlessly, while Swolo ended up breaking the rival brawler’s ribs with a single punch. This, of course, gave G-Mill the inspiration to write about what Low-5 accomplished:

Outside of the spot, shit was getting’ hot
10th Street Bawlers came, ready for blood clots.
No supes flyin’ in, no metas on deck
These mothaf@#%ahs were ready to wreck.
Clip was close to reaching for the gat
But brothaman Swolo came in on the attack
My boy was liftin’, my boy was flingin’
Pounded the ground, left all our ears ringin’
Then they drew knives, shit got real
But no one got cut, no skin touched steel
Like they was fightin’ blind, lost in fog
Ain’t nobody was shankin’, thanks to Pre’Cog

Little did they know that The 10th Street Bawlers had an alliance with The Maniacs, and one summer day in retaliation, they conducted a drive-by shooting while Low-5 were preparing to record at a local studio. Everyone was killed except for Cam, who ‘saw’ the attack coming and knew instinctively to duck into a nearby alleyway in the nick of time. Covered in the blood of his friends and enraged that he could do no more, Cam attempted to return to the scene of the crime to find Clip’s gun, but instead found a contingent of Bannermen from The Cult of the Red Banner investigating the scene. Apparently, the attack took place on their turf, and they were going to do something about it. No one paid attention to him, especially the local cops who had been paid to look the other way ehile the Bannermen cleaned up the scene and plotted their counterattack to regain control. No one, except Master Lang, who looked nowhere else but at him. Something told Cam that he had seen the whole thing.

Master Lang took Cam’ron under his wing to teach him Low Pan Li Fah, a martial art form that worked harmoniously with his natural precognitive abilities. Seemingly a blend of Wushu, Tai Chi, Aikido and Ninjitsu, Low Pan Li Fah not only taught Cam about the dangers of seeking vengeance but also blessed him with the rare gift of the Chi Form. In return, Cam became Master Lang’s eyes and ears, thwarting ambushes and assassination attempts by simply being nearby, earning the title of Bannerman for the Cult: the first African-American to have ever done so. He quickly became Master Lang’s favorite student and even a friend, to the envy and ire of Kenny Lau, Master Lang’s overzealous and vengeful student. Although training in Low Pan Li Fah far longer than his rival, Cam’s determination and his mutant gene always gave him the upper hand in sparring matches. Lau was soon demoted from sparring partner to training dummy, where Cam was allowed to try new moves and techniques on the young man.

As Cam’ron got older, so did Master Lang, who had been saving Cam’ron’s Red Cult earnings so that the young man could enroll in Ravenswood Academy rather than allowing him to squander it on shoes, jewelry and other “materialistic trappings” as Master Lang would called. He stopped training both him and Kenny Lau before teaching them the final technique: The Burning Chi Fist, or The Mighty Fist as their discipline called it. Lau was furious that he was being passed over for the “dirty outsider” so he set Franklin up while the young mutant was dorming at Ravenswood Academy by pretending to make peace with the student and offering him recreational marijuana. Although no formal charges were filed, Franklin was expelled from Ravenswood Academy, which hit Franklin hard.

Lau was finally on top once again, now an officer within The Cult of The Red Banner and a ruthless gangster. Franklin on the other, was broken in spirit and bitter towards most superhero groups, especially those he saw as being dominated by Caucasians or simply pawns of the authorities, which he had learned to loathe. He soon rethought his view after joining a group for young mutants called The Squadron eXtreme although his desire to avenge himself on Lau was undiminished.

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