No known aliases, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 624115; see also UNTIL Bestiary Registry No.: 3814

Nymph screenie
One of the few pictures of the subject available, taken at the Millennium City Botanical Gardens

Base of Operations: Druid’s Grove, Avalon. Location Uncertain; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Upholding the good

Abilities: A wide assortment of defensive and offensive powers including teleportation across the world wherever there is plant life and powerful energy blasts that harness Nature’s Fury

Skills: Polyglot with a mastery of all human languages, innate understanding of natural and bio-chemical processes, familiarity with Druid magick

Paraphernalia: A piece of bark from a tree from her home dimension that serves as a conduit for Mother Nature’s power

Vulnerabilities: Destruction of her home forest in Druid’s Cove, fire, naivety

Threat Level: Beta

UNTIL has very little information on this member of the Squadron Supreme. Apparently, Mother Nature herself gave birth to Nymph to rid the world of the evil that seeks to corrupt nature and destroy life. Nymph was then sent to an alternate dimension where she was raised on the Isle of Avalon by a band of druids that instructed her in the ways of the mortal world as best they could though they themselves were hermits with little experience in the day-to-day affairs of people living in 21st century societies.

Once this period of preparation among the druids had ended, she was sent to our dimension to begin her mission. At one with nature but apart from the humanity, Nymph faced many difficulties at first, all of which stemmed from her naivety. Taken captive as a result of her guileless nature, she was almost used as a blood sacrifice to an unknown infernal power by a group of sorcerers affiliated with or an offshoot of The Circle of the Scarlet Moon.

Nymph was rescued by a band of heroes lead by the Shroud and Arcana in the adventure that lead to the formation of the Squadron Supreme. After this affair, which came to be called “The Gathering”, she has allied herself with the Squadron in an effort to learn more about the world among friends who will aid her in her mission.

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