How do I get my character’s bio online?

This text will help you get your character’s biography from the character description in-game to the Squadron website


FAQSo, you want your hero to adorn the pages of the UNTIL Superhero Registry or you’d like your villain to break into the notorious PRIMUS Metahuman Database but not sure how?

All your queries are about to be answered, tiger! Here’s Squadron Talk’s “Awesome BioFAQ:

Do I need a picture?

Of course you do! Have you ever seen a comic that didn’t have pictures? C’mon, already!

How do I take a screenshot of my character?

Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard while in game. This will save your screenshot in JPG format without the HUD in the screenshots directory usually located in the … \Champions Online\Champions Online_en\Champions Online\Live\screenshots folder.

Is there a specific kind of shot I’m going for in my screenshot?

As a matter of fact, yes! You should try to get an “action shot” of your hero. Try to get pictures like the ones used here.

How do I write a good bio?

Well, I’m no Arthur Miller but I can lay down some guidelines and make some (hopefully) helpful suggestions. First, your bio should be between 400-800 words and it should read like an “official report”. Use the existing bios or watch re-runs of Homeland or the The X-Files to get a sense of what that should sound like. Then, have a friend or two proofread your bio so that there aren’t any spelling, punctuation or grammar errors because no one likes those. Right? Finally, read it over. Do you like it? If you answered “yes”, then, it’s a good bio.

Remember, the Squadron will provide you with help if you’re having problems. All you’ve got to do is ask.

I’ve written a kick-ass bio but how do I put it on the website?

You don’t! You send the bio and the screenshot to the Squadron Leader, who, after looking it over and making any necessary revisions, will send it back to you for approval of the changes. If you’re happy with them, your awesome bio will then be uploaded for the entire Internet to marvel at.

That’s all you’ve got to do to get your character up alongside the stalwarts of the Squadron.

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