Anima Sola

AKA Mariana Davic nee Jeric, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 248697


Anima Sola

Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Upholding the good/Revenge

Abilities: The subject has displayed the ability to create and manipulate heat and flame for a variety of offensive and defensive affects such as projecting omni-directional bursts of intense fire, can heal self or others, flight, retarded aging.

Skills: Polyglot with a mastery of Latin and English and moderately fluent in Croat, has Master’s degrees in Physics and Mathematics, Diploma in Primary Education

Paraphernalia: Metallic liquid costume that exudes from skin on mental command or spontaneously upon sense of immediate danger to self or to women or children in the vicinity, a fireproof lariat to detain fleeing fugitives

Vulnerabilities: The subject is a gender supremacist and also suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and will display any of four unique identities depending on how much control Davic retains over Anima Sola. Identity one, Rani Davic, is active when her powers are dormant. The second identity, Anima Sola, who is typically garbed in buckled straps, chains and a long red scarf, is her base form, whose seething anger is under a modicum of control. The third, Scorn, who wears archaic bronze armor with a red cape when manifesting, seems to be the indetity over which Davic has the most control. The final identity, Agony, is a psychic representation of the moment Davic was being burnt to death by her husband with all the associated terror and pain of such a traumatic experience. Agony is the identity Davic fears the most because, the more rage she feeds into her powers, the more addictive the euphoria she feels to hurt people even if they have committed crimes.

Threat Level: Beta

Mariana “Rani” Davic nee Jeric was a stereotypical nerd – poor eyesight, ill-fitting clothes, a high IQ, few social skills and little self-esteem. Her beauty blossomed in college, not that she noticed. Someone did notice: her University of Illinois Physics professor Dr. Anton Davic. It was Dr. Davic’s authentic scientific genius that beguiled the young woman. Romance quickly lead to marriage. His transformation into a beast began within weeks after the wedding.

She wanted children. He said it would ruin her beautiful body. He invoked a man’s obligation to provide for his wife as an excuse to keep Davic from pursuing her career. For months, he devised excuses to keep Davic away from her friends. When she eventually begged to know why, he called them ugly nerds and forbade her from leaving the house without him. Hopelessly in love, she obeyed. With his wife securely at home while he was away, the husband’s infidelity began. When she called him on it, the physical abuse began. Despite her misery, her devotion to Catholicism would not let her seek a divorce.

Then the second miscarriage happened and it occurred to her that the worst beatings she’d ever gotten were within days of happily announcing each of her two pregnancies. Davic confronted her husband. The argument escalated as it always did into violence. However, this time Davic was not sobbing apologies and begging for mercy between body blows. She brandished a kitchen knife and demanded a divorce. Later that evening, the police found her smouldering corpse, bound with tow chains from the couple’s garage and stuffed into a barrel used to incinerate trash and dried leaves.

Davic awoke hours later in the morgue, aflame but otherwise in the greatest health of her life with perfect eyesight, no less. The flames did not burn her. In fact, the flames obeyed her thoughts. There was a brief moment of excruciating pain as her new liquid metal costume oozed out of her pores. By the time a terrified morgue attendant got security to arrive, Davic was gone.

What emerged from the morgue that day was Anima Sola, the embodiment of feminine fury and vengeance incarnate. She herself is unclear who or what has given her these powers but she has been heard praying to God to remove them. They seem to manifest as needed as does the costume and, each time this happens, she relives the pain of her death.


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