Which Squadron is right for me?

A brief description of each supergroup that forms the Squadron family


So, you want to sign up with the Squadron but not sure which group to join? Read on.

The Squadron is not a single supergroup but several distinct superteams, each with their own unique personality. Here’s an overview of the groups that form the Squadron family:

Supreme LogoThe Squadron Supreme is the core supergroup and nearly all of our members have a character in its roster. The motto of the Squadron Supreme is “Evil will prevail if good is complacent“.

You’ll find this superteam a good fit for your character if it’s been inspired by mainstream super-heroes from the 60s to the modern crime-busters of today.

all-stars-logoThe Squadron All-Stars is our tribute to the golden age of comics (mid 1930s to mid 1950s). The motto of the Squadron All-Stars is “Kicking butt old school“.

If you have created a character inspired by the likes of Captain America or the golden-age Green Lantern, your character will feel right at home.

Please note that many characters published from the late 1930s to the early 1950s now belong to the public domain and can be used by anyone. If you have a character from that time period that is based on one in the public domain, it is welcome in the All-Stars.

Dark LogoThe Squadron Dark is inspired by DC’s Shadow Pact and Suicide Squad. The motto of the Squadron Dark is “When we’re good, we’re great. When we’re bad, we’re your worst nightmare“.

Initially, this group consisted solely of super-villains but, in the aftermath of the “Something Sinister This Way Comes” storyline, it has become the haven for sorcerers, anti-heroes and mercenaries seeking redemption. Of course, there are some characters that have their own mysterious agenda. If your character doesn’t pull any punches in its hunt for supernatural evil, the Squadron Dark’s the place for you.

eXtreme LogoThe Squadron eXtreme is our tribute to Marvel’s X-Men but our merry mutants are firmly set in the Champions Universe. The motto of the Squadron eXtreme is “We fight the good fight even for those that fear and hate us“.

If you’ve got an angst-filled tween, teen or twenty-something mutant character struggling to find their place in a world full of distrustful humans, the Squadron eXtreme is the place to be.

Please note that members of this superteam must display a black X on a red background somewhere on their costumes.

Acedemy LogoOur tribute to superteams such as DC’s Teen Titans and Marvel’s Young Avengers, The Squadron Academy was established following the events chronicled in “Out of Time”. The mottto of the Academy is “Vos persolvo pro angustus obvius” (Achievement through effort).

The students at the Academy are either novice superheroes in need of training or experienced heroes unfamiliar with contemporary society. Of the many hopeful applicants to the Academy, only a small handful are inducted per year. The curriculum of the Academy consists of supervised combat training overseen by senior members of the Squadron Supreme and academic courses for those requiring it taught by qualified UNTIL personnel.

If your hero or heroine is young, hip and cocky but can get in over their heads at times, apply to the Academy today! They’ll have your back.

Galactic LogoThe Squadron Galactic is our homage to “cosmic” heroes like DC’s New Gods and Marvel’s Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch. The Squadron Galactic was formed in response to a grave extraterrestrial threat looming over Earth. Galactic’s motto, written in Intertel, the lingua franca of space-faring civilizations across the Milky Way, roughly translates to “We guard the galaxy from all evil”.

If you’ve created a sky-rider of the spaceways, a space knight, a member of an intergalactic peace-keeping force or an alien with incredible powers, join the Squadron Galactic now!

Please note that members of this superteam must display the Star Vortex symbol somewhere on their costumes.

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