AKA Ember Gage, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 752582

Valkyir preparing to engage rogue manimals on Monster Island

Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Responsibility of power

Abilities: Asgardian/human genetic hybrid with strength, speed, durability and stamina that far exceed human levels

Skills: Expert marksman with a wide variety of military-grade projectile weapons, expert hand-to-hand combatant, expert military strategist, expert infiltrator

Paraphernalia: Tyrfing, an indestructible broadsword that is believed to be the mythical Tyrfing

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Beta

Ember Gage joined UNTIL at the age of eighteen and quickly rose through the ranks over the next several years to become one of the youngest captains in UNTIL’s proud history. She made a name for herself in part because of her coolness under fire and keenly-developed tactical sense but also her fearlessness in the face of opposition and an almost uncanny knack for completing what others would have found to be “impossible” missions. Her career soon caught the attention of many including Dr. Black and Dr. White, founding members of UNITY.

During a mission in Iceland, UNITY had discovered a broadsword in its hilt that was peculiar for several reasons. Firstly, it defied all common scientific methods of identification such as carbon dating and metallurgical analysis. Secondly, although both White and Black could sense that ancient and powerful magic was at work, they were unable to determine its source or nature. Finally and perhaps most significantly, those individuals attempting to wield the sword hilt were rendered comatose.

After linguistics experts at UNTIL determined that the runes inscribed on the blade formed the word “Tyrfing”, which was also the name of a fabled sword in Norse mythology, the artifact was placed in secure storage as it was determined to be too dangerous.

It would have stayed locked away if not for a vision Dr. White had that Captain Gage was destined to wield Tyrfing in a battle that would decide the fate of humanity. The vision was of such power and urgency that Dr. White broke protocol and, instead of reporting the incident to her superiors, informed her husband, Dr. Black, who reported that he too had seen visions that lead him to believe that Captain Gage was descended from an Asgardian.

Although the two feared for the life of the young captain, they felt that their visions had been dire enough to leave them no choice. They removed the broadsword from storage and approached Captain Gage to reveal what they knew about Tyrfing and what they suspected of her heritage. After telling her of the power it granted the person who wielded the sword but also warning of the dangers should the sword reject her, Gage drew the sword from its hilt, knowing in her heart that she was meant for something greater.

It is believed that the only reason she was unharmed was because she was of Asgardian descent and that, when she touched Tyrfing, it energized her Asgardian DNA. UNTIL scientists believe that, as time passes, her powers will grow to match that of a true Asgardian because it has been determined that her Asgardian cells are replacing her human ones.

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