Mindscape, The

Learn about the mysterious realm of pure thought called the mindscape

Artist’s  rendition of the mindscape as a plane of malleable mindstuff

The mindscape, mental plane, or world of thought, refers to the macrocosmic or universal plane or reality that is made up purely of thought or mindstuff. In contrast to Western secular modernist and post-modern belief, thoughts and consciousness are not just a byproduct of brain functioning, but have their own objective and universal reality quite independent of the physical.

This reality itself constitutes only one gradation in a whole series of planes of existence. In most such cosmologies and explanations of reality, the mindscape is located adjacent to the astral plane but below the higher spiritual realms of existence.

Telepaths can consciously project their thought-forms into the mindscape in much the same way that sorcerers can project their astral bodies. However, with sufficient training or natural ability, a telepath can also draw the thought-forms of others into the mindscape against their will. Because it is the depository of all human thought since the beginning of the species, the mindscape is inhabited by not only sentient embodiments of psychological archetypes forming part of the collective unconscious but also by all manner of imaginary and mythological creatures, some of which are powerful enough to injure or even kill the unwary traveler.

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