This document outlines the ranking system used in the Squadron.


An Overview of the Rank System

Generally speaking, the Squadron Supreme and all its affiliated groups use a level-based rank system. Your level in the game determines your rank in the Squadron. Here is an overview of the system:

The Outer Circle

The Outer Circle is composed of those members of the Squadron who are casual players and/or those that do not seek to take an active part in the affairs of the Squadron. As such, members of the Outer Circle cannot:

  • participate in Squadron meetings unless the Leader permits it;
  • invite another into the Squadron unless they receive permission from a Field Officer, Deputy Leader or the Leader;
  • request an item (e.g. a piece of gear) from the Squadron Vault.

This final stipulation may be waived at the Leader’s discretion.

Levels 1-10: Academy Graduate

You’re a novice hero or heroine who occasionally needs support or guidance, which the Squadron will gladly provide.

Levels 11-20: Probationary Member

You’ve had your baptism by fire and are beginning to become known in the larger hero community.

Levels 21-30: Associate Member

You’ve become an extremely skilled combatant who rarely gets into situations that are over your head.

Levels 31-40: Senior Member

You’re one of the mainstays of the Squadron. You’re encouraged to take an active role in team affairs.

The Inner Circle

Core Member

You’re one of our “big guns” – a hero or heroine that less-experienced ones turn to in their time of need.

This is the first rank that is not based on your in-game level but that is awarded based on your dedication to the Squadron. Core members are members who do their part to further the interests of the Squadron. They have consistently:

  • contributed to the coffers of the Squadron;
  • recruited worthy individuals into its ranks;
  • helped lower-level members with in-game issues;
  • promoted friendship, camaraderie and inclusiveness.

None of the restrictions that apply to the Outer Circle apply to Core Members. However, Core Membership is a privilege, not a right. Behaviour not in-keeping with the tenets of the Squadron will result in demotion to the Outer Circle.

Field Leader

This rank indicates that the member in question is an Officer of the Squadron. To be eligible for Field Leadership, a member must assume certain responsibilities as determined by the Leader. These duties include but are not limited to:

  • supervising a Squadron-wide event;
  • overseeing group missions;
  • promoting the Squadron to the greater online community.

As Field Leader, you’re in command when the Leader or Deputy Leader are not present.

Deputy Leader

You’re Second-in-Command the Squadron. You’re in command when the Leader is not present.

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