Code of Conduct

This document outlines the code of conduct to which a member of the Squadron must adhere


The Government of the Squadron

The Governing Council

The Leader, Deputy Leader and Field Officers form the Governing Council, whose job it is to ensure that the Squadron runs smoothly. The Governing Council functions as the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Branches of the Squadron.

Membership in the Governing Council is determined solely by the Leader. Although Core Members have the right to be present at all Squadron meetings and their input is valued, the Governing Council are not obliged to follow their suggestions.

The Story Council

Although the Story¬† Council does not take an active part in the governing of the Squadron, its role is extremely important and, hence, its function needs to be described. The Leader and several other members come together to formulate and implement story ideas that concern the membership of one or all the Squadrons. As such, the Story Council may, for the purpose of the story being run, determine how one or more individuals or even an entire Squadron will conduct itself (as was the case where an entire Squadron was being used as the cat’s paw of a malevolent entity).

Although all members regardless of their rank in the Squadron are encouraged to suggest story ideas, membership in the Story Council is determined solely by the Leader.

Articles of Conduct

Article One

The basic premise of all interaction within the Squadron is that your rights end where the rights of another person begin. Although the Squadron values individuality and self-expression, these cannot come at the expense of another member.

Article Two

Regardless of rank, all members are encouraged to socialize with teammates and any requests for assistance should be honored unless circumstances do not permit it.

Article Three

Contributing resources (e.g. gear) is not mandatory but it is appreciated. Resources are liquidated or redistributed to needy members by the leadership as it see fit. However, formal requisitions for resources may only be made by members of the Inner Circle in good standing. The granting of a gear request is dependent on availability and the contributions the member in question has made.

Article Four

Respect, tolerance and solidarity are the basis of a healthy team. Any conduct that is unbecoming a hero will not be tolerated.

Breaches of conduct will be tried by a Tribunal consisting of the Leader (or Deputy Leader if the Leader is unavailable) and two Field Leaders.

Punishment may include, but is not limited to, expulsion from our ranks.

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