AKA Marie St. Croix, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 625791

Blizzard screenie
The sixteen year-old celebrating Canada Day at Force Station Steelhead

Base of Operations: Quebec City, QUE. Canada; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Current leader of the Squadron eXtreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Responsibility of power

Abilities: St. Croix can lower the temperature around her to near absolute zero, project sub-zero cold at a target within 200 meters and psionically shape ambient moisture into constructs of solid ice for offense and defense.

Skills: Polyglot with a mastery of Qu├ębecois and Parisian French, Japanese and Latin; well-developed theoretical understanding of chemistry, physics and mathematics despite young age

Paraphernalia: N/A

Vulnerabilities: N/A

Threat Level: Beta

The daughter of the Premier of Quebec, Pierre St. Croix, Marie St. Croix never enjoyed the spotlight that her mother Simone, a former supermodel, did. However, she learned to accept living in the limelight due to her father’s prominent position in the Canadian political scene.

An academically gifted student, Marie and her boyfriend Andre were chosen to be the student representatives from Quebec to take part in the annual Native People’s Conference being held in the city of Yellowknife in Canada’s remote Northwest Territories.

Unfortunately, the conference coincided with the escape of the Inuit ice-demon Kigatilik from his exile in an extra-dimensional prison known as the Otherside. Kigatilik and his hordes of ice demons were ultimately fought back by Canada’s superteam StarForce and the Squadron Supreme but at a cost – almost all the Native People present and many of the teenaged representatives including Andre had died. Marie, however, was one of the few exceptions.

To her surprise, the forces unleashed that day interacted unexpectedly with the genetic x-factor that exists in all human beings. She discovered that she now had the ability to project cold so intense that it approached absolute zero and shape the ambient moisture in the air into constructs of solid ice that had the molecular density of molybdenum steel.

Initially motivated by a sense of survivor’s guilt, she offered her abilities to the Canadian government much to the chagrin of her parents. Due to her age and her father’s political clout, the Canadian government refused admit her to StarForce. She was then contacted by the leader of the Squadron Supreme, the Shroud, and offered the opportunity to join a teenaged contingent of mutant metahumans like herself called the Squadron eXtreme. From that day forward, the mutant now known as Blizzard has fought the good fight both in her native Canada and beyond.

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