Brujeria, The

Learn about a secret society of evil sorcerers who have been in existence for over one hundred years

Qliphothic Tree
The Qliphotic Tree of Shadows, polar opposite of the Qabbalistic Tree of Life

What little is known of the cult known as the Brujeria (Spanish: “Witchcraft”) has been pieced together from conflicts between the group and the super-hero community over a period of many years. The cult was founded by silent-film actress Alicia Thompson in 1915. While working on Broadway, the seventeen year old Thompson made the acquaintance of many of New York’s rich and powerful. One of these individuals was Charles Francis Knox, the head of the local lodge of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. Knox took Thompson as his mistress and acolyte, initiating her into mysteries of the Circle usually reserved for high-ranking members. Unfortunately for him, Thompson proved to be both more talented in the ways of the mystic arts than he but also far more ambitious than he could ever have imagined.

Draining Knox of his occult powers, Thompson killed the weakened Knox with a lethal spell and then usurped his place as Archdruid of the New York Lodge. With the Circle left in disarray after their battle with the Archmage of the time, her coup went unopposed. However, the High Coven never recognized Thompson’s authority as Archdruid nor her group as a lodge within the Circle’s organizational structure. Now called the Order of the Eye, Thompson’s organization grew rapidly during the First World War with new lodges forming in Boston, Chicago, Hudson City, San Fransisco and Vibora Bay. Despite the influx of initiates into the Order, Thompson kept it out of the public eye although the kidnappings of seven children in the New York area in 1919 are said to have been perpetrated by members of the New York lodge.

During the Roaring Twenties, Thompson, now a successful Hollywood actress, relocated the Grand Lodge of the Order to Los Angeles. Despite setbacks, such as the utter destruction of the Hudson City lodge at the hands of the enigmatic costumed crimefighter the Raven, the Order had grown to rival the Circle of the Scarlet Moon: by 1929, it could boast twelve lodges across the continental United States and over 1,000 members from all walks of life.

Artist’s rendition of the arch-fiend Na’amah (Hebrew: נַעֲמָה‎‎; “pleasant”), a succubus second only to Lilith in power

With a secure power base, Thompson decided to set her sights on global domination. Acquiring the Basilisk Orb, an ancient artifact of vast eldritch power, Thompson and her husband, Ricardo Vargas, would have succeeded in opening a portal into our world for the Qliphotic entity Na’amah had it not been for the intervention of the costumed vigilante Black Mask VII, alias Chicago police officer Jason Ward. The Chicago lodge caught fire in the ensuing conflict, forcing Thompson and Vargas to flee without the Orb, which Ward had retrieved before the lodge burned to the ground. Before dying from his injuries, Ward entrusted the Orb to the mysterious Doctor Arcane.

Psychically traumatized by the occult backlash of the failed ritual, Thompson began to become increasingly unbalanced. The reclusive Vargas returned to Venezuela with his wife. Now the sole head of the organization he renamed the Brujeria, Vargas tried in vain to restore Thompson to her former self. It was thought that her death in 1933 had also signaled the death of the Brujeria. However, evidence acquired by metahuman and supernatural heroes around the world over the last twenty years suggest that the Brujeria are in fact more powerful than ever before.

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