Interiors with an Attitude

The open world in Champions Online has some wonderful interiors that can be used by novice and serious role-players alike. If you have discovered one that we have missed, please send a message the Leader of the Squadron with screenshots of the map location and the interior.

We hope you have as much fun in them as we have.

Millennium City

Carl’s Gym

The Shroud and Squadron member Watchman spar a few rounds

Want to work out before trouncing the bad guys? Carl’s Gym is for you!

MC-Carl's Gym

Champions Headquarters

Hey, where’s MY statue?

This interior’s the perfect place to hold a meeting of your super-team!

MC-Champions HQ

City Hall

Go directly to JAIL! Do not pass GO! Do NOT collect $200!

Feel like brushing up on Millennium City’s by-laws? Got a traffic ticket that needs to be taken care of? Do it at City Hall!

MC-City Hall

Club Caprice

The Shroud and Squadron member Mayfair gettin’ down

Finish off a hard night’s patrol with a quick drink with the rest of the spandex-wearing crowd at Club Caprice!

MC-Club Caprice

Fighting Dojo

The Shroud does some early morning T’ai Ch’i while Watchman meditates

Is your Kung Fu a bit rusty? Practise your crescent kicks with some friends at the authentic Fighting Dojo in the heart of Chinatown!

MC-Fighting Dojo

MCPD Special Armory

Haven’t YOU always wanted your very own attack helicopter?

Sometimes the bad guys are too touch for one hero. When that time comes, grab some extra firepower from the good folks at the MCPD Armory!

MC-MCPD Special Armoury

Mutations Lab

The indicator on this gauge is in the red. Is that a bad thing?

So, you want to isolate the mutant X-factor in your genetic make-up? The Mutations Lab’s got all the equipment you’ll ever need.

MC-Mutations Lab

Mystic Foundry and Arcana Library

Has anyone seen my i-Pad?

You have to face the evil denizens of the Qliphot and you need an amulet fast! Head over the Mystic Foundry for your demon-banishing needs!

Seriously, where’s my i-Pad?

The Arcana Library is also located directly opposite the Foundry. The Library has thousands of books on occult lore but, unfortunately, no latte!


MC-Mystic Foundry

 Old UNITY Headquarters

The Shroud and Watchman admiring the view

Did you know that before UNITY moved to their new digs, they maintained an HQ in Renaissance Center? The reason they moved was that it was really small but it has a marvelous view of the city!



Sherrera’s Bar

Drink from THAT glass? I’d rather face Dr Destroyer!

If you like dives, you’ll love Sherrera’s Bar! Add atmosphere to your barroom brawls with Sherrera’s patented Irish charm!

MC-Serrera's Bar


The Shroud and his co-host Watchman put a happy spin on your morning

Ever wanted to be a famous newscaster like Rob Mahogany? Get your big break at WCOC!



Those gears are just HUGE!

Our final stop on our tour of Millennium City is the Workshop. A sci-fi setting with lots of gadgets and gizmos, the Workshop is perfect for all your alien invasion scenarios!


Vibora Bay

Juryrig’s Garage

Why does this time machine have an option for Strawberry Smoothie?

Need a gadget to seal Qliphotic Rifts? If you’ve got a nickel, a light bulb and and a flashlight, Juryrig’s the man to see!

VB-Juryrig's Garage

The Minefield

Watchman’s got the Shroud’s back as the Squadron leader gets her groove on

An after-hours club with a difference, the patrons of the Minefield range from normal humans to immortal vampires!


Redsnake’s Dojo

The Shroud and Watchman observe a demonstration by Redsnake’s finest students

Do you want to study Vibora Carmesi from the man who created it? Jump on the first plane to Vibora Bay and head over to Redsnake’s Dojo!

VB-Redsnake's Dojo

SS Bayou Queen

I LOVE an all-you-can-eat buffet!

Take a trip on a fully-restored 19th century riverboat. Have a wonderful Cajun-style dinner, dance to Big Band hits of yesteryear or win big playing roulette all on the SS Bayou Queen!

VB-SS Bayou Queen

Vibora Bay Crypts

Arcana, the Squadron’s resident Mistress of the Mystic Arts, sees dead people all the time so this isn’t new to her

Halloween comes but once a year so make it count in the atmospheric Vibora Bay Crypts! The crypts come with more bone piles and friendly ghosts that you can shake a crucifix at!

VB-Vibora Bay Crypts


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