A short overview of the mysterious organization of psionics called RAPTURE

Ravenwood Academy
Ravenswood Academy outside Renaissance Center in Millennium City, home of RAPTURE

The Royal Anti-PSI Taskforce Unit: Ravenswood Education (RAPTURE) originated in 1971 as an initiative of the British intelligence agency MI6 to counter psionic threats in the UK and later the whole of continental Europe. Severing its ties with the British government in 1994, the agency within an agency relocated to Ravenswood Academy, where it began to operate an advanced training program for telepaths, telekinetics and others with psionic “precious gifts”. Many of the trainees are rogue telepaths themselves, who have been offered amnesty for past crimes in exchange for using their talents as psionic negotiators, infiltrators and deprogrammers.

As the name suggests, the main target of RAPTURE in Millennium City is the organization known as PSI.

RAPTURE field agents remain in telepathic contact with their superiors so that they can respond quickly to situations as they occur and utilize a wide variety of psionic call signs to expedite communication. RAPTURE field agents have had these call signs implanted psionically, thus making their use second nature even when in the company of non-RAPTURE operatives.

The use of these call signs also lessens the likelihood of enemy telepaths to telepathically eavesdrop. As at least 20% of idle thoughts are about food, making the call signs sound like items from a dessert menu makes them much more likely to slip through a surface scan.

Agents are ranked based on their power levels and range of psionic gifts. Power level is indicated by an electromagnetic frequency prefix, with wavelength proportional to potency:

  • Gamma Ray (Very Low)
  • X-Ray (Low)
  • Ultraviolet (Medium)
  • Green (High)
  • Terahertz (Very High)

An agent’s “Precious Gifts” are classified as follows:

  • Telekinesis (Physical) – Peach
  • Telepathy (Cerebral) – Cherry
  • Healing (Assistance) – Angel
  • Multiple gifts – Mandarin

UNTIL Intelligence has evidence that this last category has recently been renamed to Marvel by a splinter group within the organization, calling themselves the Marvel Girls/Boys.

Finally, the color Red is used to indicate RAPTURE operatives that have gone rogue.

For example, Madi Sharma, a medium level telepathic agent, is referred to by the call sign “Ultraviolet Cherry”. Jannikka Salome Anders, a high-level telepath/telekinetic rogue agent is referred to as “Terahertz Red Marvel”. If Mindslayer were to attack City Hall, a RAPTURE field agent would call in a Terahertz Peach Cheesecake Situation (A very high level telekinetic threatening the general public and causing extensive collateral damage) while a lack of an immediate threat would be referred to as either “Grey Skies” or “Serenity”

RAPTURE and PSI are currently in an arms race. PSI has developed a Psi-Clone procedure allowing an agent of sufficient ability to temporarily assume the power of one their leaders, and turn into a copy of Medusa, Psimon or Mindslayer. There are also unsubstantiated rumors of PSI extending their psionic blade protocols to the production of a psychokinetic bullet perfect for long-range assassination by allowing a “Psniper” to fire a lethal projectile through walls or around obstacles directly into the minds of its target.

RAPTURE have perfected the “Anti-Violence Field”, a telepathic broadcast that prevents hostiles from properly executing aggressive behavior, leading to at worst missed shots and pulled punches. Their training system relies on Copy-Paste from a Psionic Clipboard. Students memorize essays to develop and hone their concentration, which instructors can then read from their minds.

RAPTURE’s program has been accused by some of having all the qualities of the cults it purports to fight. Students live exclusively on campus, learning is conducted via telepathic implant and energy boosts are administered via “Psychic Sugar”, which cause increased concentration but require the agents to sleep for up to 16 hours after the effect has worn off. RAPTURE’s questionable methods came into the public spotlight when one of their most powerful students, Jannikka Anders, went rogue and publicly accused the institution of telepathic brainwashing before going underground.

In reply, RAPTURE spokespeople point to the hundreds of ex-PSI members who are living normal lives thanks to their deprogramming and “Pstealth Coating” anti-detection protocols.

RAPTURE and all related characters and concepts were created by @carlasimone2.

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