Bank Heist Turns Bloodbath

Bank manager and super-hero dead at the scene


by Rex Tyler | Millennium City Gazette

First National Bank
Millennium City First National days before the attempted robbery

MILLENNIUM CITY – MCPD responded to a bank robbery at Millennium City First National Bank, located at 133 Adams Ave., (corner of Adams and O’Neil) this afternoon at around 2:30 p.m.

Officer Sean O’Hara, the first on the scene, reported the 12-23 – potential hostage situation with metahuman involvement – to his superiors.

The MCPD cordoned off the area and were awaiting PRIMUS reinforcements when a metahuman conflict occurred inside the bank between the super-powered perpetrators tentatively identified as Red Marvel and Asp and at least two members of the Squadron Supreme.

“I saw this bright flash of purple light and a sound like thunder. It was like a storm was raging inside. I heard some shouting and then nothing for the longest time.” recalled one eyewitness.

“I was just about to give the order to storm the bank when the roof just exploded,” said twenty year veteran Captain Paul Desmond.

Bank Vault
The two-tonne door to the bank vault had been ripped out of the wall

When the police entered, the customers of the bank and most of its staff were coming around.

With two exceptions.

Bank manager and mother of three Katherine (Katie) Jensen, 38, of Westside was found dead from massive blunt force trauma according to EMTs on the scene.

“I was so scared I couldn’t move,” admitted bank teller Mary Andreou, 26. “I was hiding behind a desk near Katie’s. I was looking right at her when she suddenly flew into the air. Then, the screaming started. Next thing I remember was getting so drowsy that I fell asleep.”

Police remove body
Police remove the body of Benedict Sage from the crime scene

The police also found the body of a man later identified as Benedict Sage, 30, of Vibora Bay, Louisiana. Sage was a member of the controversial superteam the Squadron Supreme. Despite massive facial contusions and burns consistent with the use of corrosive agents evident on his clothing, the cause of death was uncertain. An autopsy is planned for tomorrow morning.

The Squadron Supreme could not be reached for comment.

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