Calendar for June 2016

Take part in the happenings around the Squadron’s universe!


Contests BalloonThe Squadron hosts a contest each and every month. Take part and win big! The contest for the month of June is:

The Secret Origins of the Squadron Supreme

We know that the founding members of the Squadron Supreme (The Shroud, Arcana, Kitsune, Entity Six, Gunhead, Subjekt and the Whisper) came together in an adventure called The Gathering. We know that the last three died heroically saving the world and the the surviving four stayed together under the Shroud’s leadership as a group to proactively neutralize threats that other groups like the Champions wouldn’t or couldn’t.

But that’s all we know. Until YOU tell us the rest!

Secret Origins logoWrite a short story entitled “The Gathering” (between 1,000-1,500 words) that reveals the Secret Origins of the Squadron Supreme!

Contest ends June 30 at 11:59 Server Time. Submit entries to the Squadron Leader and attach any images you feel help tell your story (maximum 2).

What’re you waiting for, an invitation?

Events Balloon.pngFighting crime is so stressful! Sometimes, you’ve just got to take off the spandex and chill with friends. No one understands this better than the Squadron! Kick back with us in June during our:

Costume Showcase – June 2, 9 PM Server Time

The theme is The Golden Age! Come to the Powerhouse Theater in Renaissance Center dressed in an outfit inspired by your favorite golden-age comic book character.

Character Spotlight – June 16, 9 PM Server Time

Haven’t written a bio for your newest character? Haven’t updated your bio since leaving Ravenswood Academy?

Now’s the time!

Come to the Command Center in Champions Headquarters and show off your epic bio.

Costume Showcase – June 23, 9 PM Server Time

The theme is The Dark Side! Come to the Powerhouse Theater in Renaissance Center dressed in an outfit inspired by your favorite comic book supervillain.

Club Caprice Mixer – June 30, 9 PM Server Time

Never role-played before? An old hand at RPing? Not into RP at all but looking to make new friends? Stop by Club Caprice after your nightly patrol and dance the night away.

Drinks are on us, tiger.

Group Content BalloonWe live in dangerous times. Earth is constantly being invaded by alien conquerors, our dimension is perpetually being assaulted by eldritch terrors and the bank down the street is a target for anyone in spandex! What’s a hero to do?

Kick butt, that’s what!

Suit up and meet by Champions leader Defender every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9:00 PM Server Time for group runs of your favorite end-game content like Nemesis Confrontation, Whiteout or Apocalypse Aversion.