Lady Sphinx

AKA The Sphinx, UNTIL Superhuman Registry No.: 188547; see also UNTIL Bestiary Registry No.: 2428

Lady Sphinx screenie
One of the few images of subject available as she seems to be aware of surveillance and avoids such

Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, FL. USA; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Squadron Supreme

Alignment: Good

Motivation: Upholding the good

Abilities: Dimensional travel, flight, a specialized sense heretofore unseen combining precognition, postcognition and near omniscience she calls “The Mysteries”

Skills: Unerring marksman with bow, occultist specializing in ritual enchantment, polyglot with a mastery of Ancient Egyptian, Phoenician, Biblical Hebrew, Babylonian, Sumerian and several unidentified languages (see also UNTIL Department of Linguistics Report No.: 4027)

Paraphernalia: An ancient Egyptian bow and quiver filled with an inexhaustible supply of golden arrows

Vulnerabilities: Kinetic damage due to hollow bone structure

Threat Level: Beta

Dr Frederic Agreste, Professor of Antiquities at the University of Florida, often thought that he had been born at the wrong time. Gone were the days when finds like those made by Howard Carter, the famous Egyptologist responsible for discovering the tomb of the Tutankhamen. Or so he thought.

On a routine dig near the Pyramid Complex of Unas located Saqqara outside Cairo, Agreste discovered a golden arrow inscribed with hieroglyphs that spoke of an “Avatar of Ra” who had been interred near Heliopolis, now the modern city of Ayn Shams. The section of the arrow containing the exact location of the crypt had long ago been eroded by the desert sands and Agreste could find no records referring to such a noteworthy personage being entombed there. However, he had nothing to lose.

After several years of fruitless searching, Agreste discovered an ancient tomb that had gone undisturbed for millennia as the desert had almost completely erased its existence from history. On entering the perfectly preserved tomb, Agreste trembled with anticipation – surely, this must be the burial chamber of a Pharaoh of Egypt whose reign had been forgotten with the passage of time.

His anticipation turned to certainty when he and his team found the ornate golden sarcophagus decorated with precious gems and lapis lazuli that served as the final resting place of the owner of the tomb. Too caught up in the excitement of his discovery, Agreste carefully opened the sarcophagus to discover an undeniably female form swaddled in burial linen. As he bent down to examine the cartouche containing the name of the deceased inscribed on an amulet around her neck, he shrunk back in shock, a scream escaping his mouth, as the sound of faint breathing could be heard coming from the mummy.

His shriek was so loud that it literally woke the dead for the figure in the sarcophagus sprang to life, revealing a pair of powerful wings on her back that tore the ancient bandages covering her off. As Agreste took a step back in disbelief while the rest of his team scattered in abject terror, the winged woman crouched by the sarcophagus, a pair of cat-like eyes gently reflected the light of the lantern Agreste held tightly in right hand.

The two looked at each other in shocked silence for a moment, neither taking their eyes off the other. As the realization of the magnitude of his discovery slowly dawned on him, the creature spoke in a form of Egyptian that had not been heard since before the Old Kingdom was young.

Agreste learned that the winged wonder before him was not just A sphinx but in fact THE Sphinx, the entity responsible for the ancient myths of an amalgam of lion, eagle and human which often revealed the unknown in cryptic riddles and punished those unable to answer them. One riddle, however, that the demi-goddess could not answer was how she had been entombed for nearly five thousand years in the first place.

Agreste took his charge to Vibora Bay to consult Dr Ka, a practitioner of the mystic arts with ties to the ancient Egyptian pantheon. Although Ka was unable to pierce the fog that clouded the Sphinx’s memory, he was able to cast a spell which granted her both the understanding of and the ability to use modern English, though metaphors and idioms often escape her to this day. All she could remember prior to being awoken by Agreste was that the regent of the reigning pharaoh had sought her advice on his behalf and then nothingness.

The creature now referred to as Lady Sphinx was remanded into UNTIL custody and would have remained under the watchful eye of the Department of Creatures if Agreste had not mounted a highly-successful and widely-publicized campaign to free her. Having been awarded the same rights and privileges as those of a human being as described in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Lady Sphinx could now seek out a unique future and, in so doing, piece together her past.

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